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Providing "value" of an event to a sponsor

  • 1.  Providing "value" of an event to a sponsor

    Posted Oct 25, 2017 13:50
    I know there are a variety of definitions on how organizations are providing a value to a sponsor of an event who are buying a table or seats to a fundraising dinner. Typically we place a value on the meal per head and deduct that when providing a letter back to the sponsor.

    But what about sponsors who level up? They are now getting recognition on posters during the event, their name and possibly logo in the "Event Program" being handed out, on the website, social, etc - is that considered marketing / advertising and if so how are groups placing a value on that level of service? If so how is that priced?

    It seems the more I research the more complex the options are. Curious what others are doing in this area or what what resources they have used.


    Michael Sola
    Executive Vice President
    Fight Colorectal Cancer
    Springfield, MO
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  • 2.  RE: Providing "value" of an event to a sponsor

    Posted Oct 25, 2017 14:46

    Hi Michael,

    This question comes up all the time on the FUNDSVCS list, which is the Association of Advancement Services Professionals' listserve for Development Operations folks. If you run a search on
    event fmv site:fundsvcs.org
    you'll find some documents and previous discussions. You can join the list (it's free) and ask if you don't find what you need by searching.



    Robert L. Weiner Consulting

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  • 3.  RE: Providing "value" of an event to a sponsor

    Posted Dec 20, 2017 17:26
    Thanks for the question @Michael Sola and the resources, @Robert Weiner. This is a bugbear for me because I think many nonprofits both undervalue and under-deliver on their visibility offers to sponsors.

    Firstly, it's important to audit what you can reasonably offer and assign a fair market rate to it. You'll ask questions like:
    • How many people will see the sign/ad/tweet/hot air balloon?
    • How many of those are the ones making purchasing decisions at their organizations?
    • How many of them are able to budget/buy the products sponsors are offering?
    • To what extent does the context of the event/placement encourage decisions that help the sponsor's end goal?
    I say reasonably offer, because this equation needs to take into consideration your organization's capacity to deliver. It's better to deliver well on a few things than scramble on a huge suite of benefits. To find the answers to these questions, you will need to conduct - and maintain - some audience research.

    Next, you should consider the value of the partnership. Sponsors can likely find exactly the people they're looking for through targeted advertising, so why would they sponsor your organization instead? Likely, it's because having their brand seen in conjunction with yours makes them seem trusted, smart or efficient. Consider what your organization says about sponsors when you broadcast their products and services; and what value that brings for sponsors.

    Lyndal Cairns
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