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So here we are!

  • 1.  So here we are!

    Posted Mar 19, 2020 19:05
    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to reach out to everyone in the online forum community to check in with you all. How are you? Seriously, how are you? Are you washing your hands? Are you distancing yourself socially?

    A LOT has happened in the last few weeks! COVID-19 has dominated the headlines, a majority in our community are under strong quarantine/isolation guidelines, and working norms have been impacted! I understand that this is a very fast-paced, changing, and at times scary world we live in, however I want to make sure that even though the phrase "social distancing" has been (and most likely will be for a while) at the front of all of our minds, these online forums are here for you! 

    To the new folks in our community who have found and joined the NTEN community due to their work going completely remote: WELCOME!

    To the folks who have been here building the community, discussions, questions, and heart of these forums: WE LOVE YOU ALL; PLEASE CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU ALL DO BEST!

    Please know that these forums and topic-specific communities are here for you as we all navigate this (for some) new way of working and connecting. There are some NTEN members who are online Organizers/Moderators of our NTEN Communities that already have standing monthly zoom calls that they hold for the community. How wonderful is that!? If your online community doesn't presently have a scheduled call, I'm happy to work with you and the organizer team to set up a recurring call. We need these types of online meeting spaces now more than ever! The members of our community are some of the strongest, brightest, and smartest people in their roles; it's clear that this is the place to ask a question, generate ideas, commune, uplift, and collaborate with other nonprofit tech folks.

    If there is a forum topic that you don't see currently, suggest one! If there is enough feedback from everyone, I'll gladly add it! What areas of your digital work environment aren't covered by the current forums? We're here to convene! I'll shortly be utilizing the "polls" feature to gather some feedback on what type of new communities you'd like to see here. 

    Are you new to working from home? Check out the Blog Post that our Chief Program Officer, @Ash Shepherd wrote a few days ago! He's currently hosting open office hours this week to help support those new to WFH (Working From Home).

    Indeed, it is a strange and at times surreal world we are now living in, but rest assured we're here and this community is one of the best examples of how working online can not only work, but thrive and excel!

    Lean on us and this community, we'll get through this! Share these forums as a resource to your network of colleagues who may have just discovered the acronym - WFH

    Take care of yourself, your health, and you're loved ones!

    In the spirit of community,

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    Tristan Penn (pronouns: he/him)
    Community Engagement & Equity Manager, NTEN
    nten.org | @NTENorg | Instagram: @tmp729
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  • 2.  RE: So here we are!

    Posted Mar 20, 2020 08:26
    Wow. @Ash Shepherd What an incredible WFH piece - The best I've seen by far - and that is saying something.

    From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Amazing job.

    Joshua Peskay
    VP of Technology Strategy
    RoundTable Technology

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  • 3.  RE: So here we are!

    Posted Mar 20, 2020 08:49
    @Joshua Peskay

    Thank you for the very kind words.​ I know the first time I started working remotely it was challenging. Tools were easy to find but no one explained the broader context of why I should use them, what the issues were to keep an eye out for and all that. No one was talking about or sharing anything about self-care, managing my schedule, or how sitting at my kitchen table in a crappy wooden chair for hours on end without moving would be really bad for my body and mental state. I was quite terrible at working remotely for a while and there wasn't even a global pandemic happening at the time to blame things on. I was just truly alone in my efforts to figure out how to do it.

    Hoping to help others not have to spend as much time in that lower part of the learning curve if at all possible. There is so much more knowledge and support in our community around working from home these days that no one should feel like they have to figure it out on their own.

    Ash Shepherd (pronouns: he/him)
    Chief Program Officer, NTEN
    nten.org @NTENorg @NPTech_Ash

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  • 4.  RE: So here we are!

    Posted Mar 20, 2020 09:38

    Hi Tristan! I gave a webinar for NTEN in 2015: https://www.nten.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Slides-Remote-Control-Distributed-Team-Software-Strategy.pdf ~ it's interesting how relevant this still is 5 years later. :o

    I can't find the original video, but I'm sure you all have it somewhere ;) If you want me to do a "follow-up" 5-years later webinar or article, I'd love to do that.

    Let me know if I can help!

    (Always remote working)

    Global Impact
    I'm in Nashville, TN.

    Dave Hightower
    Sr UX Designer/Developer
    Alexandria, VA

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  • 5.  RE: So here we are!

    Posted Mar 20, 2020 17:42
    Thanks Tristan and Ash! We wrote a blog post as well last week about remote tools (since we're a fully remote agency), and it also included some of the other items you mentioned: how to not get isolated, how to be ergonomically happy, etc. And there's a link to a talk our CEO Anne gave about how to be happy while working remotely. Sharing in case it's of use to anyone.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    Allison Manley
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Chicago, IL

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