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Share your February 2020 events

  • 1.  Share your February 2020 events

    Posted Feb 04, 2020 10:11
    Good morning!

    I searched and did not find a thread to share February 2020 events, so I'm starting one.

    (Please feel free to remove this post if I missed original Feb 2020 thread. I promise I searched way back in the archive!)

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    Online advertising can be an effective and efficient way of raising more money, getting more people to an event, or building your email list. If you're just getting started with online advertising, you might have forgotten this crucial step to success: tracking online conversions. With the right conversion tracking in place, you can easily understand which ads drove the most results, target users for future outreach, and make your advertising budget go farther.

    Join me for a handy primer on tracking online conversions for advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You'll learn about the options for conversion tracking, additional tools you might need, and case studies showcasing how other nonprofits are tracking their online advertising.


    See ya there,

    Yesenia Sotelo
    Digital Skills Trainer & Web Developer
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    Posted Feb 05, 2020 15:32

    Are you worried that your #GivingTuesday campaign gets lost in the tsunami of content that day? There are great things about being part of a larger movement … but it's not always an easy win. With 364 other days available, maybe it's time to rally your community around one that's just for your organization. Statistics show that giving days are one of the best ways to attract new donors. Whether you are joining a state or local effort or running an event of your own, join Beth Brodovsky for our next Master Class, "Online Giving Days, Any Day of the Year," and learn how to launch and grow your own giving day-any day of the year!

    In this class you'll learn:

    • How to choose a date and theme for your event
    • What it really takes from your team to hit your goal
    • How to integrate online and onsite activities to bring your community together
    • How to work with partners to expand capacity and impact
    • Key takeaways from other organizations' giving day launches
    • Ideas for year two that build on what you started

    Register now for our Master Class, 2 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, February 20. http://bit.ly/MCGiving20

    Beth Brodovsky
    Fort Washington, PA

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  • 3.  RE: Share your February 2020 events

    Posted Feb 12, 2020 10:32

    Reporting in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT

    FREE Webinar!
    Thu, Feb 20, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST


    New to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT or need a refresher? Don't miss this upcoming webinar! Join us to learn the basics on reporting and analysis.

    Topics include:
    • An overview of Raiser's Edge NXT reporting functionality
    • An introduction to key areas of reporting in NXT - including standard reports, dashboards, and lists
    • Answers to your questions about reporting in Raiser's Edge NXT

    Cathexis Partners is a certified Blackbaud Channel Partner. We look forward to helping you learn more and get the most out of your nonprofit software.

    Jon Reich

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  • 4.  RE: Share your February 2020 events

    Posted Feb 13, 2020 13:27
    Are you a small (but mighty) marketing team tasked with creating all of the content for your nonprofit? How can you be more efficient in your content creation and make your content work much harder for you (without YOU having to work any harder!)?

    Mighty Citizen is offering a free webinar called "You're a Publisher Now" on Thursday, Feb 27 at 1:00 CST.

    You're a Publisher Now with Andrew Buck

    Here's the description:
    Here's what we know for sure: The more valuable, beautiful, useful content your organization puts into the world, the more supporters you'll attract and retain. It's a simple formula-but it's easier said than done. In this lively, example-filled presentation, you'll learn how to foster a culture of content within your organization-even if you're strapped for time, money, and resources. Designed for any communications professional who believes in the power of free, helpful, audience-focused content to support your organizational goals, this session is a must.

    By the end of this session, you should be able to:
    • Make a clear, compelling case for investing in more content creation
    • Form your very own content squad
    • Find and launch more content from across your association
    • Get the most of the content you create

    Rachel Clemens
    Austin TX

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  • 5.  RE: Share your February 2020 events

    Posted Feb 24, 2020 15:17

    Hi everyone! Our February webinar is from our partner Peter Mirus at Build Consulting, who will give you practical steps and examples to create your own organization technology roadmap.

    There's still time to register - this webinar is Tuesday, February 25, from 1-2pm EST!


    You may have gaps in leadership, operations, business process, and data management capacity that have prevented your organization from effectively selecting and implementing technologies to serve your entire organization and its mission.

    Without addressing these gaps, your nonprofit is at a higher risk of technology system implementation failure.​

    Peter draws on years of experience consulting with nonprofits on technology projects to give you practical steps to implement quickly.

    As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience, and is not a sales pitch. We love sharing our know-how and experience with our nonprofit community.

    Carolyn Woodard
    Casanova, VA

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  • 6.  RE: Share your February 2020 events

    Posted Feb 25, 2020 14:22

    Join us on Thursday, February 27th at 1PM ET for DEFEND & PROTECT.

    In this webinar, we'll explain exactly what "reasonable cybersecurity" looks like. Our own cybersecurity expert, Joshua Peskay, will walk you through these new privacy laws and what they require for cybersecurity.

    If you haven't heard of new laws like CCPA (the California Consumer Privacy Act) NY SHIELD (New York Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security) and COPRA (Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act) yet, you will.

    If you have data, you need to DEFEND and PROTECT it. After this webinar, you will know exactly how to do just that.

    Joshua will be joined by Shanna Utgard of Defendify. Shanna will walk you through the Defendify platform and how you can leverage Defendify to DEFEND your organization against cyber-attacks.

    Then we'll hear from Michael DePalma of Datto who will show you how Datto's world-class business continuity platform can PROTECT your organization's critical data.

    If you have data, you need to DEFEND and PROTECT it. After this webinar, you will know exactly how to do just that.

    REGISTER NOW - February 27th, 1PM EST

    If you can't attend the webinar but want to watch it, no problem! Register anyway and you'll get a link to the recording emailed to you.

    Joshua Peskay
    VP of Technology Strategy
    RoundTable Technology

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