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Are nonprofit and for-profit marketing the same?

  • 1.  Are nonprofit and for-profit marketing the same?

    Posted Jan 19, 2020 12:33

    Hi everyone. I'm writing a book about developing an audience-focused strategy, and specifically about how to choose the best audience to focus on from among "everyone."  To frame the topic, I want to talk a bit about why marketing is so challenging in many nonprofits. I'm looking for some input from nonprofit leaders, comms and marketing folks about whether marketing is the same in for-profits and we are just assuming its harder and/or different for nonprofits.

    Feel free to answer generally, answer the questions specifically - or tell me I'm asking the wrong questions.

    1. Do you think that nonprofits should market the way for-profits do?
    2. What kind of assumptions do people make that get in the way?
    3. If you think there are important differences, what are they?
    4. How much of the difference is based on lack of budget or lack of skill vs the actual need to do things differently?
    5. Is lack of money a crutch that nonprofits use too often?
    6. How do you think these factors impact the communications and marketing staff at an organization?

    If I can contact you to ask follow up questions, please let me know.

    Thanks so much!

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