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Content Distribution for Online Learning [looking for insights]

  • 1.  Content Distribution for Online Learning [looking for insights]

    Posted 22 days ago

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm writing today in search of any insights, advice, or experience on distributing online learning content.

    My org has had a lot of recent success developing online/video-based college courses on religious diversity and pluralism. So much so that there's interest in scaling significantly. We're exploring the idea of partnering with mass-education providers (e.g., universities with large online offerings, MOOC/online learning providers, etc.).  We imagine a partnership in which our organization would contribute course content (along with expertise around course positioning, pedagogy, delivery, etc.) and wherein the provider's mass reach would get critical knowledge and skills to a wider audience efficiently.  Our course content might be branded as part of the partnership, or it might not. Basically, we seek to get our content embedded with "name brand" networks and providers who offer e-learning geared toward undergrads. 

    Right now, we don't have any real proof of concept for this, and aren't yet immersed in the online learning world. I would be thrilled if any of you know of examples of this sort of partnership (or similar/alternate models that are designed to achieve similar goals) or have other insight you'd be willing to share.

    Thanks as always,

    Nasser Asif

    Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

    Interfaith Youth Core

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    Nasser Asif
    Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
    Interfaith Youth Core
    Chicago, IL