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Customer [nonprofit] Success - Gainsight?

  • 1.  Customer [nonprofit] Success - Gainsight?

    Posted May 24, 2019 19:22

    I was wondering if any organization's have implemented, or are looking to adopt and instill, a 'customer success' frame work or so even notable software - Gainsight - at their nonprofit?  The more unconventional (as Customer Success is highly seen in a SaaS business model) the better!

    What attracted you to it? What did you find successful? What disrupted your organization? Who were the hardest stakeholders to get on board with the idea? Who loved it? Do you already operate this way? What were your learnings along the way.

    I attended Gaintsights Pulse Conference and found it extremely beneficial. Though the notion of customer success was birthed by Maria Martinez, formally of Salesforce, about 10 years ago now,  it's customer centric focus is seems to part of the DNA of new organizations and startups of all kinds, SaaS or no SaaS... :-)

    Love to hear from you all!

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