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RSVP: Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit

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    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi NTENers:
    I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe and healthy. I know working remote and social distancing can feel isolating. I'm personally working on finding virtual ways to stay connected to folks. Speaking of going virtual - I'm excited to share the Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit with you.

    RSVP to learn and share the latest cutting-edge tools and digital strategies for online campaigns across advocacy, organizing, and fundraising.

    The Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit on April 28th from 10AM to 5PM EDT offers great curated panels led by the best nonprofit strategists and leaders in the space ranging from Gloria Pan of MomsRising, Sandi Fox of Smart As A Fox, Ben Needham of Human Rights Campaign, Colin Delany of Epolitics, Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, and a lot more. Each panel will also provide plenty of open discussion and dialogues for virtual attendees.  

    A Revolution is Coming: Top Tactics to Build People-Powered Movements
    Women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ communities don't just make up the majority of consumers, they are the heart of social change movements. This session will bring together nonprofit advocacy leaders to explore how we as nonprofits can build better, inclusive movements based on the core issues and values that impact our communities lives. You'll walk out of the session fired up and ready to engage your leadership, advocacy, communications, and digital team with concrete strategies to start iterating and building effective people-powered movements that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

    Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Tech: The Good, Bad, and Misunderstood
    Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the most over-hyped thing since the last over-hyped thing? AI and other emerging tech are being marketed to nonprofits as a silver bullet for list growth, advocacy, and programs. But what's the actual ROI? This session will cut through all of the hype and give digital strategists and campaigners the downlow on the where and when you can use tools that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you make strategic decisions that impact your advocates, supporters, and volunteers. We'll breakdown the good, the bad, and the misunderstood of AI and emerging tech including how to best use constituents data ethically and how to use deep learning to help solve social justice issues in a time when we're fighting to defend both democracy and our data leading up to the 2020 Presidential elections.

    SMS Strategies to Supercharge your Advocates and Donors
    95% of Americans own a mobile phone. With response rates 4X what we see on email, SMS is a critical part of digital campaigns. Learn the best strategies and tactics to use broadcast and peer-to-peer texting to move your donors and advocates into action.

    The Future of Work and Organizing
    The world of work is in a state of flux with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic as well as shifts and changes in technology, and the emergence of new digital platforms. This panel will provide key insight into adapting your workflow and strategies to mobilize your volunteers, organizers, and donors across multiple channels and via remote formats.

    Centering Survivors in Building a Movement for Racial, Social & Economic Justice
    The conviction of rapist Harvey Weinstein signals an important shift in how powerful men are being held accountable for acts of sexual violence against women. That conviction also signals that the norms of consent are shifting away from stereotypes of how survivors are expected to act if they are to be believed. Despite these advances, we have not seen structural changes necessary for eradicating sexual harassment from workplaces or society at large. This panel will discuss what systemic change looks like; how to center survivors in organizing towards that change; what accountability looks like for people who may not be the monster that Harvey Weinstein is, and who despite good works, still cause harm--all through an intersectional lens. Eradicating sexual harassment must be a priority for all institutions--and individuals-- who seek to make progressive social change.
    Winning Tactics Every Advocacy Campaigner Needs to Know
    The average person receives about 120 emails per day. And 23 billion text messages are sent each day worldwide. Factor in direct mail, social media, and news alerts on mobile devices, it's no surprise that nonprofit advocates are so inundated that they just can't keep up. This panel will provide you with winning tactics to help break through some of the noise to reach more supporters. We'll also explore what new opportunities online platforms and apps have created for advocates and political campaigns. 

    Looking forward to seeing you virtually on April 28th at the Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit.
    Allyson Kapin
    Partner, Rad Campaign
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