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Organizational security in crazy times

  • 1.  Organizational security in crazy times

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi friends.

    I'm taking some steps to organizationally secure our new fiscally sponsored LA Tech4Good. In this initial period, it's been all in my hands and we're still an all-volunteer org.

    For starters, I'm 1) Getting alternate responsible party/parties set up with our fiscal sponsor so I'm not the only contact. 2) Getting key documents onto a secure cloud platform.

    Anyone have any guidelines, experience to share or other to take?



    Karen Borchgrevink
    Executive Director, LA Tech4Good
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  • 2.  RE: Organizational security in crazy times

    Posted 21 days ago

    From what you wrote and the examples you gave, I'm still not clear (maybe I'm being dense) about what problem you are trying to solve.

    Is it:
    1. Business continuity in the event that you are unable to perform your duties as ED? 
    2. Security from a cybersecurity standpoint - e.g. ensuring documents and other assets are secured from unauthorized access or loss)?
    3. Is it the financial stability of the organization?
    4. All of these?
    5. Something else?

    It sounds to me like it's #1. If that is the case, what I would add to your list would be process documentation. For all the things that LA Tech4Good does, how does it happen? Who does it? The better you can document those processes (even if nothing more than a few checklists) the better someone else can pick up the work.

    Also capturing all relevant credentials (usernames & passwords and other information) for your assets (website, registrar, email platform, file sharing platform, etc.) into a Password Manager (such as LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane) would be helpful.

    Perhaps others will intuit better than me what you are asking, but if you can clarify for me I can try to respond more helpfully.



    Joshua Peskay
    VP of Technology Strategy
    RoundTable Technology

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