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User login issues with Drupal 7

  • 1.  User login issues with Drupal 7

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi, folks,

    One of my users is having trouble logging in to one of our Drupal 7 sites. When attempting to login, the user is notified that their username/password is incorrect. After repeated attempts, they attempt to move on to a password reset which needs to be used twice in order to get logged in. This has been happening for weeks for this user. I've tried to rule out user error, but for this to be going on for so long, I'm finding it difficult to troubleshoot remotely. The username has a space, but the user uses an email address to login.

    The module HybridAuth was previously used with this account, but it has been disabled. The TFA module is enabled, but TFA is not on (but is set up on the account having issues). Password Policy module is in use (but no password expiration is set).

    Has anyone seen issues like this?


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  • 2.  RE: User login issues with Drupal 7

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hey, Cecelia. Do all your users log in with email instead of username? 

    I'm not familiar with any of those specific modules. There could be some issues there.

    One thing I would try is having her switch browsers or disable all the plugins in her browser. Sometimes add-ons that I use for privacy can interfere with cookies that I need for sites to function.

    = Ruby

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  • 3.  RE: User login issues with Drupal 7

    Posted 5 days ago

    That's definitely strange... Sorry, haven't seen this before myself.


    A few things that may help with debugging though... apologies if you already know of these steps, I'm not sure how much drupal debugging you've done before.


    It sounds like this user can never log in normally. So I would change their password yourself (since it's irrelevant to them) to something you know, and try to reproduce this yourself firsthand. This will also let you test solutions. I mean, probably tell them first. :)


    Check the drupal log (/admin/reports/dblog) to see if anything helpful shows up there.


    If you can, disable related modules until you get it to work. Then you can investigate the particular module(s) in question.


    Think about if anything would have changed in the system around when the problem started. Were modules updated or added? Did the user's situation change?


    Google for the problem. For example this issue report came up when I did a quick search. You might find someone else with a similar issue with a particular combination of modules that you also have.



    Also, if you have modules in mind, you can search through their history of issues. For example, for tfa:



    Similarly, you can also try updating modules. Either to newer versions (if some modules are out of date), or you can try updating certain modules to the latest dev version instead, where newer code will exist but not be in an official release yet.


    Good luck and feel free to reach out more if needed. :)





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  • 4.  RE: User login issues with Drupal 7

    Posted 5 days ago
    Ruby, wow. Logging in with an email address requires an additional module, doesn't it?

    I'm going to look into that when I try troubleshooting the account directly (thanks for that suggestion, Martin).

    Thank you both for your thoughts!

    Cecelia Sullivan
    Race Forward
    Oakland, CA

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