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Experienced Newbie - need help with some small tweaks

  • 1.  Experienced Newbie - need help with some small tweaks

    Posted 21 days ago
    This is my first post but I remember meeting some really nice people at the Birds of feather drupal table so hopefully, it is ok to ask a question like this here. I'm somewhat familiar with Drupal - we switched in March and I've been reading entering content since then but someone else built it and I've never been allowed to access content types and views *le sigh*

    We have a side project that is going up sort of quick and dirty that I've actually been given full access to - exciting! I've made a lot of the changes to the template I need to but there are a couple of things that are stumping me because from what I've read I've done the 'right'' thing to fix them.
    Even if you don't know the answer exactly - if you know what words I should be looking up to find the right answer or how to ask the question that would save me A LOT of time.

    There is no staging site set up so I'm just working on published pages that aren't actually linked to the navigation so please don't spread these links around - I'd be so embarrassed because they're not ready!!!

    Partner page  https://digcitcommit.org/partner
    1. I would like the full image to be clickable not just the text - but I'm not sure how an image gets pulled into the teaser? I tried manually redirecting the image to a pattern that replicated the individual partner pages - but it just made the logo image disappear on the main page.
    2. I would like to remove or hide the huge logo that appears on the individual partner page - or if possible have a smaller version show up above the website listing. I tried doing this by changing the size and order of the image in the content type settings but nothing happened.
    3. If I can't make the image smaller can I move the website piece up? Reordering the fields in the content type doesn't seem to do anything.
    4. I'd also love to reduce the padding on .section at the top but I can't seem to find anywhere to make page level css changes. Maybe it's just not possible and I'll have to live with it...blergh.

    Resources page https://digcitcommit.org/resources
    1. Why is there only 1 resource in the second row?
    2. In a similar way to number 1 above we'd like to link directly to the resource from the image - so basically rewriting the link behavior with a link from a form field. I think if I figure out 1 from above I'll have this one too.
    3. I've made a taxonomy field of tags or an entity reference and put them on each resource. I'd like to make a filter so you can sort by each. There was a prebuilt categories filter on the theme and I've made the views for resources as a clone of the original portfolio pages, but I'm not sure how to show or create a filter that uses a different taxonomy?

    Thank you for any and all help.

    MacKenzie Rawcliffe
    Digital Marketing Manager
    International Society for Technology in Education
    Portland, OR
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  • 2.  RE: Experienced Newbie - need help with some small tweaks

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hi MacKenzie,


    Partner #1:

    If you're building this view by choosing the "teaser" display for the items, you can modify some aspects of how this display works by going to the content type itself. So go to structure -> content types, find yours, and look at the manage display tab (you've likely already been in the manage fields tab in this area, so this is just one tab over). Find the teaser option and you can modify some things.


    Otherwise, another way (and what I would usually do) is to go in the view itself and choose to display as fields rather than as teaser. This way you can directly control exactly which fields show up and how, including linking options and other things.


    Partner #2 and #3:

    This is in the same place, go to the content type and look for manage display, only now not the teaser one but the default/regular display. You may also need to go to image styles (elsewhere in the admin under configuration) to set up the smaller image size first, if the built-in image sizes aren't to your liking.


    Partner #4:

    To make page level css changes usually you'll be looking for the classes on the body tag. In your case I'm not seeing as many classes as I'd usually expect so I'm not sure if you're missing some modules I usually have installed that provide this. However, as a hacky workaround, in the case of a view you can add inline css just for this page by adding some new content in the "header" section of the view. This is usually meant for adding text above the rest of the view, but you can put any html in here such as this:

    <style>section. paragraph--type--paragraph-block {padding-top: 0;}</style>


    Resources #1:

    For me there are 2, but anyways, the answer is because this is how css floating works, it's not a drupal-specific thing. I don't know the best way to solve this but you can google that. One approach is to add a height definition in css (in particular you're looking for the div.masonry__item elements).


    Resources #2:

    Same answers, either check the content type manage display, or change the view to use fields instead of the node teaser. That's just a quick starting point, but definitely ask for more detail here if you like.


    Resources #3:

    This is in the configuration for the view. There's a section for filters, just go to the "add" option there and choose the node's field(s) (taxonomy, entity ref, etc) that you want to allow filtering for on this page. Then, when choosing the further options, make sure to choose the "expose filter" option. This will make it user-selectable on the page, as opposed to being a pre-set admin choice.



    Hope this helps, feel free to reach out if anything here doesn't make sense or if you run into anything further. :)





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  • 3.  RE: Experienced Newbie - need help with some small tweaks

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi MacKenzie!

    I was about to reply, but I see you're also located here in Portland. I would be happy to meet for lunch/coffee this week or next and help walk you through the issues you're having. I know it can be helpful to actually have someone experienced looking at your screen to give you pointers! Plus, that way I can more easily tell what's possible or not with your current setup.

    Feel free to call, text, or email me using the info in my signature. I always like meeting new folks in the nonprofit world!


    Spencer Brooks
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  • 4.  RE: Experienced Newbie - need help with some small tweaks

    Posted 18 days ago
    Thank you! I'll work through this today!

    MacKenzie Rawcliffe
    Digital Marketing Manager
    International Society for Technology in Education
    Portland, OR

    Tech Accelerate