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A group for those in nonprofit IT decision-making roles to connect with peers and share best practices. This Technology Decision Makers group is for nonprofit IT or MIS Directors/Managers as well as CIOs and CTOs to connect with their peers and share best practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: hardware and software management, product reviews, emerging technology, best practices, collaborating effectively with other departments, and management conundrums. Membership is restricted to IT staff at nonprofit organizations.

Current Zip Codes

  • 1.  Current Zip Codes

    Posted Sep 14, 2018 14:07
    ​Hi there,

    As we stay steady on the road to better data viz tools, we are doing some cool stuff with maps.  However, it's hard to keep some tables updated to reflect current zip codes.

    Is this still the best tool avail, or is there another option?

    USA ZIP Code Database, Commercial Edition | Zip Code Database - Highest Rated Zip Code Data 2018
    Zipcodedownload remove preview
    USA ZIP Code Database, Commercial Edition | Zip Code Database - Highest Rated Zip Code Data 2018
    USA ZIP Code Database with a complete list of US ZIP Codes, the default city for each ZIP Code, alternate cities and spellings, states, the primary ZIP Code area code, and individually certified latitude & longitude coordinates.
    View this on Zipcodedownload >


    Melissa Berrett
    Director of IT
    Oregon Health and Science University Foundation
    Portland, OR
    Tech Accelerate

  • 2.  RE: Current Zip Codes

    Posted Sep 19, 2018 11:34
    Hi Melissa,

    Can you say a bit more about how you use the zip codes? This is an interesting question as one would think there would be a good free option, but it is hard to say without knowing more about your system's requirements. Is it just a table of cities with zip codes linked? Do you need zip codes connected to shapefiles for mapping or any special software, latitude, longitude, etc.?

    The one you linked to seems to come with a heck of a lot of stuff!

    Colin Roberts
    Rainier Scholars
    Seattle, WA

    Tech Accelerate