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Migrating from DropBox to OneDrive

  • 1.  Migrating from DropBox to OneDrive

    Posted Nov 03, 2018 12:32
    I posted this in the General Community and it was suggested that I throw it your way also, so here goes:

    We have been using DropBox for our ~15 users for about 3 years because OneDrive just wasn't up to the task back then.  In the meantime, we have been paying a rather large amount for DropBox each of those years for each of those users, while we could be using OneDrive for free (with our Office 365 TechSoup-enabled subscription).  I've begun looking into the migration process to move from DropBox to OneDrive.  I see plenty of services that purport to carry out the migration while maintaining the appropriate groups/permissions, but I'm almost afraid to ask how much it's going to cost to do such a thing and I've read some mixed reviews about timeliness, 
    precision of the migration process, etc.

    I'd like to appeal to the wisdom of the masses assembled here:  have any of you tried it?  Gotchas?  If you paid for one of the conversion utilities, any rough estimate of cost (I know that it's probably based on the number of users and gigabytes)?  If you didn't use one of the conversion utilities, how did you do it while maintaining file integrity, individual and group permissions, etc. over the DAYS that it would take to migrate all of the data?

    I'm really not looking for a consultant to do it for us because we would probably spend as much for the consultant as we would spend sticking with DropBox.  Ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Scott Licht
    National Director
    Lutherans For Life
    Nevada, IA
    Tech Accelerate