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Best practices for cloud based-data retention?

  • 1.  Best practices for cloud based-data retention?

    Posted Jul 31, 2019 09:29
    Good morning!

    It's clean up time.  We know being data lean and keeping only data required to do our work and in compliance with our document retention policy is best from a security perspective.

    I have a question on how to best manage your workplace's cloud-based data retention.

    In addition to our overall policies regarding document retention and deletion, we also train staff on what tool to use for different kind of communication.

    For instance, Slack is only for non-confidential, short-term chat, e-mail for both confidential and long-term communication.  Drive for real-time collaboration; a separate cloud based tool for permanent storage of organizational documents.

    As you know, each platform has admin settings to restrict the amount of time a workplace's data is held.

    Specifically for Slack - Slack allows deletion after X weeks or days for files, public channels, private channels and direct messages.

    We want to keep a '"lean amount" of data outside of what must be kept for varying lengths of time per our retention policy.

    Any guidance on what is the best practice for deletion policies for that kind of data?

    Additionally, for Gmail - Gmail allows an admin to restrict the amount of time a user in your domain can retain emails, unless the e-mails are under a specific label included in  the admin portal. 

    more info on how to control Gmail email and chat history -

    Has anyone managed these settings for their workplace, and have feedback on your best practices or roadblocks?

    We haven't had success with staff keeping e-mail lean on their own.  But are concerned about the impact of an admin controlled org-wide e-mail deletion policy.

    Any and all guidance, including any great articles, much appreciated!


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