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A group for those in nonprofit IT decision-making roles to connect with peers and share best practices. This Technology Decision Makers group is for nonprofit IT or MIS Directors/Managers as well as CIOs and CTOs to connect with their peers and share best practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: hardware and software management, product reviews, emerging technology, best practices, collaborating effectively with other departments, and management conundrums. Membership is restricted to IT staff at nonprofit organizations.

Vendor Recs for SugarCRM Support

  • 1.  Vendor Recs for SugarCRM Support

    Posted Jun 26, 2018 09:22
    Hi all,

    I work for a small nonprofit serving libraries, we're a membership org and negotiate a lot of subscription contracts for members through our cooperative purchasing program. We track each of these members and contracts in SugarCRM, which is then linked to a custom web portal where members can review & approve each subscription.

    For various reasons, we've found ourselves shopping around for hosting/support for these systems. Most of our support and development needs are for the portal, not for Sugar itself - my understanding is that the portal is written in PHP. Our ideal vendor would be able to support both, and have experience supporting nonprofits and/or organizations that use SugarCRM for purposes other than sales. We'd also like to be able to call and talk to a person who is familiar with our system when we need help, not have to put everything through an online support portal with layers of people.

    Does anyone have recommendations for us?


    Kate Clark
    Admin & Operations Coordinator
    WiLS | Madison WI
    Tech Accelerate