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Blackbauds Hosting Environment

  • 1.  Blackbauds Hosting Environment

    Posted Jul 17, 2019 14:03
    ​Has anyone been successful if peeling back the covers of blackbauds hosting environment?  I know they are on a pathway with MS to leverage Azure, but I have a hard time getting any real technical information from them such as:
    If they shift and lift my donor environment the cloud will they isolate my data from other customers?
    Are API's avail in Azure for real-time data availability in an AWS data warehouse?
    How do they configure SSO?
    What is the error handling processes for debugging and troubleshooting?

    My rep likes to send me high level diagrams but those don't truly mean anything when it comes to the internal configureations.

    If anyone is in their hosted environment with a complicated BI environment, I'd love to talk to you.

    Melissa Berrett
    Director of IT
    Oregon Health and Science University Foundation
    Portland, OR
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  • 2.  RE: Blackbauds Hosting Environment

    Posted Jul 18, 2019 09:03
    Hi Melissa,

    I sent your question to my colleague who spent year's at Blackbaud, and now consults on related things for our company.  Below are his observations. The Azure hosting is something they started after he joined our team, but he does work with organizations who use this.

    "As far as I've seen, from the customer perspective there is no difference in functionality or access comparing the old Blackbaud hosting and the new Azure hosting offerings.
    I don't think data is any more isolated than before. API's should behave the same way. There is no direct access to servers, databases, or data warehouse, same as before. SSO is an add-on that Blackbaud offers. I don't know about any enhanced error handling or debugging."

    -- Digging Deeper --
    If you are running BBCRM, then you know that Blackbaud has a built-in data warehouse.  Some of our clients want direct access to that data to use their preferred BI solutions, but that is a challenge.  Zuri Group has a solution that we have deployed for a few of these Organizations that we call the  "BBDW Sync".  It makes a copy of your data and sync's it down your own server either on premise or a cloud server like AWS.  This allows your Organization to then use your BI tools on a warehouse.

    Just reach out to my email below if you want to take this offline.

    Molly Kelly

    Molly Kelly
    Vice President, Digital Solutions

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