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Managing Public Use Technology (Chromebooks + Tablets)

  • 1.  Managing Public Use Technology (Chromebooks + Tablets)

    Posted Aug 02, 2019 11:35
    Hi All,

    I work with Libraries Without Borders on a project called the Wash and Learn Initiative. We bring technology (and programming) intro laundromats for the community to use. We are working in several cities across the US and I am looking for some advice on the best ways to manage all of the tech. In most cases, the technology is permanently installed within the laundromat and is available 24/7 for public use (or whenever the laundromat is open).

    For the Chromebooks, I am looking into web filtering that would allow me to set up the needed censoring/security measures, while also generating some data about what the devices are being used for, in particular info about when devices are online and what websites are being accessed most (to improve programming, communicate with funders, etc). Right now I'm leaning towards Go Guardian, which specializes in web filtering for school systems but I am wondering if anyone has other recommendations?

    In terms of the tablets, I have 2 main questions:
    - iOS vs Android ?
    - Recommended MDM software ?

    Right now we have a mix of tablets, but I would like to migrate towards one OS to streamline things. I think I am leaning towards Android right now, one of the main reasons being that iPads are much more of a target for theft. If the tablets will be locked down into a multi app kiosk mode, is there any reason why iPads are worth the extra money and increased security risk?

    I'd love to start with an MDM that could manage both OS until we fully switch to one. Also if there are MDM options that have data reporting about tablet app usage, that would be ideal!

    Thanks for any advice!


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