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Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

  • 1.  Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

    Posted Nov 02, 2018 17:10
    Hey all!

    We've had some bad luck trying to recruit a system admin for our org and I'm wondering if anybody has any job boards or even recruiting firms (we'd be willing to do that now!) that you'd recommend?


    Shubha Bala
    Center for Court Innovation
    Director of Technology

  • 2.  RE: Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

    Posted Nov 05, 2018 10:31
    Hello! This caught my eye because I also had some difficulties this summer recruiting for the same exact position. My agency contracts with other area non-profits who are in need of help to build their data systems, increase their data literacy, and staff data positions. I have done this twice this year and found traditional methods of recruiting to be less helpful than for other types of positions. Eventually I reached out some to Women in STEM/Tech/Data groups on Facebook of all places, and was swarmed with a massive amount of resumes from talent all across the US. I am happy to send you invites to these groups if you're interested.

    Katherine Delgado
    Data Analyst
    Family & Children's Service
    Nashville, TN

  • 3.  RE: Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

    Posted Nov 05, 2018 13:43
    Hi Shubha!

    Have you posted to NTEN's Job Board yet?

    Tristan Penn (pronouns: he/him)
    Community Engagement Manager, NTEN
    503-272-8761 | @NTENorg

  • 4.  RE: Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

    Posted Jan 07, 2019 13:14
    Hello! I sent you a request so I can add you to some groups. If you prefer to request an add yourself, try these: Women in Tech; Girls in Tech; Women Who Tech; Women Who Reign.


    Katherine Delgado
    Data Analyst
    Family and Children's Service
    Nashville, TN

  • 5.  RE: Tips for recruiting a sys admin?

    Posted Jan 08, 2019 11:39
    I have been having so much trouble finding IT help that I was finally given permission to use recruiting firms.  The economy is just too good in DC and NYC and other cities (although government shutdown may soon change that), and the number of good-fit resumes dried up to almost nothing.  Indeed, Glassdoor, idealist, Linked-In, etc. were just not working this time.

    Contact me offline since I don't think we are supposed to be talking about recruiters on this board.  I have discovered that using recruiters is not a panacea, as one still has to work with them to get them to focus on finding the right fit as otherwise they are too incentivized to throw truck loads of resumes against the wall to see which one sticks, and I end up doing too much work given the cost.  It is still very important that you have a specific and appropriate JD (our original one was trying to hard to find a unicorn with every skill), and for the recruiter to know they need to screen for nonprofit cultural fit and below-market salary.  Even so, it was very helpful to have them contacting people that are already working ("the best people aren't looking for jobs" supposedly) because it provided far more options.


    Dan Shenk-Evans
    Director of IT
    Capital Area Food Bank
    Washington DC