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Finding an AWS S3 expert

  • 1.  Finding an AWS S3 expert

    Posted Jun 19, 2018 15:24

    Our organization uses AWS as file asset storage for our database. Some of these assets also appear on our website, such as images or PDF downloads. I inherited this setup about a year ago, and truly the above is the most information I understand about how things work in regards to AWS. We're having some problems that Amazon Support is unable to help me with understanding, let alone investigating to resolve. We have an application developer we work with on the database itself who maintains the Amazon API who attempted to assist me, but is now recommending we reach out to an AWS expert.

    Does anyone have recommendations for where to look for an S3 expert? I do not know enough about this system to properly judge if someone is an expert in this or not, and would appreciate any advice. I did search the archives in case someone has asked this previously but I didn't find anything.

    Thank you in advance.

    Stephanie Henyard
    Information Technology
    Society for College and University Planning
    Tech Accelerate

  • 2.  RE: Finding an AWS S3 expert

    Posted Jun 27, 2018 12:58
    Bumping this up. Tips for Stephanie on how to properly judge if someone has AWS S3 expertise?

    Bethany Lister
    Community Engagement Manager

    Tech Accelerate

  • 3.  RE: Finding an AWS S3 expert

    Posted Jun 28, 2018 10:35
    To close the loop here, we're helping Stephanie and SCUP out.

    Isaac Shalev
    Stamford CT

    Tech Accelerate

  • 4.  RE: Finding an AWS S3 expert

    Posted Jul 16, 2018 23:08
    Edited by David Saraiva Jul 16, 2018 23:08
    oops, I"m new here.... this is already solved it seems. Imagine my embarrassment!

    David Saraiva
    Project Lead

    Tech Accelerate