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For those doing digital strategy work, including written or multimedia content for nonprofit websites, social media, and e-newsletters. This group is for those digital communications folks who create written or multimedia content for websites, social media, and e-newsletters for nonprofits. Members will discuss topics such as social media trends, digital analytics, developing content, storytelling, planning and resources, content strategy, and more.

19NTC Session Voting / Communications Track

  • 1.  19NTC Session Voting / Communications Track

    Posted Aug 24, 2018 14:54
    Edited by Kate Raphael Aug 24, 2018 14:56
    Hi folks,

    19NTC session voting is now open -- until August 31.

    Based on the proposals submitted, it looks like 19NTC is going to be amazing.

    But  there are more than 800 proposals to go through, so let us know what you've submitted!

    I'll go first:

    Authentic Stories for Fundraising & Social Media: What are the Ethics?
    I'm really excited about this one because it will be a roundtable format. My fellow presenters will come in with initial ideas (what we've learned -- and mistakes we've made -- in our years as producers/writers/directors) but we'll also be engaging conference-goers to share experiences and expertise.

    Included = Happy: Low-tech Strategies for Including Leadership in Story Development
    This is about how to get early early (did I say early?) buy-in for big communications projects (event videos, podcasts, etc.) from the folks who have a lot riding on the final project.

    Get in there and vote!


    Kate Raphael
    Studio Kate
    Portland, OR
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    Posted Aug 27, 2018 12:46
    I submitted a session on how we can use the process of cleaning up a database to create targeted communications to segmented groups to get members/patrons to engage at different levels.  This is a tactical session and I'll use the experience from our latest project to give attendees a list of actionable tasks to improve retention and engagement.  The talk focuses on member-based organizations, but the principles are more widely applicable.

    Don't Delete Just Yet: How a Database Cleanse Can Improve Member Engagement

    Amanda Parsons
    Oregon Recreation & Park Association
    Pronouns: she, her, hers

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    Posted Aug 27, 2018 13:47
    Edited by Carrie Simmons Aug 27, 2018 13:48

    I joined recently and am super excited to be part of this community.

    I also submitted two proposals. Here they are: 

    Is social media the best use of your limited time and resources?
    Why are you using social media? What do you want it to do for your organization? If you can't answer those questions, you may be wasting your time and resources. Social media can be the most effective way to reach your audiences, but it can also be a huge headache when done without a clear strategy. We'll show you how add strategy to your social media plan to educate your audience and share the human side of your organization.

    Crafting stories that connect and convert
    Building a strong brand is essential to helping you stand out. But once the brand is in place, how do you use the stories behind the brand to connect with your donors and use technology to move them to the action you want them to take? We will present a case study (with our client) to demonstrate how we used our process to help our client address the questions every non profit has: How can you find potential donors? What do they need to hear from you? How do we get them to buy-in to your mission-driven perspective?


    Carrie Simmons
    Owner + Creative Brand Strategist
    New Ground Creative
    Brattleboro, VT

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  • 4.  RE: 19NTC Session Voting / Communications Track

    Posted Aug 28, 2018 11:53
    Hi Everyone.

    I'd be grateful to have you review and consider voting for my sessions.
    Here are the sessions:
    Chill Out! Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction
    I'm really excited about this one, and it has already been accepted under a different title to php[world] in November. I am a practitioner of mindfulness and will be sharing data and concepts on how mindfulness can reduce stress in tech, leading to better productivity, creativity, and quality of life. I'll also discuss how and why organizations might consider implementing mindfulness programs.
    How to Leverage User-Centered Design to Create Experiences that Delight
    This one doesn't have my name but I'm a co-presenter. Amanda and I presented this session at the AM&P conference earlier this year and got terrific feedback. We present the concepts and phases of a UCD project, and illustrate how they were implemented when creating a paywall as a revenue generator for the American Chemical Society.

    Thanks in advance for your support! Looking forward to seeing you all at 19NTC!


    Dori Kelner, MS
    Managing Partner
    Sleight-of-Hand Studios
    Fairfax, VA

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    Posted Aug 28, 2018 12:03
    Well, I should plug my own submission as well: How to Build and Nurture Killer Email Lists.

    ENews, announcements, solicitations, and press releases are a part of what we do. There isn't one single way to do them right but there is a way to find out what works best for your organization and for your audience. In this session you'll learn how to build and nurture your email lists into effective and powerful tools your audiences will WANT to be on!

    Thanks for your support!


    Gregg Banse
    Director of Marketing & Business Development
    Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
    Vergennes, Vermont

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    Posted Aug 29, 2018 07:38
    Wow there's a ton of great session proposals!  Looking forward to #19NTC already :)​

    I'm co-proposing a session I hope will be of interest to communications folks -- would love to have people check it out and vote if you think it'd be valuable!

    Nobody's Reading Your PDFs: Publish Research & Reports People Actually Read
    The presentation comes from our experience working with organizations that publish research papers, policy papers, project outcome reports, and similar long, structured documents that get posted as PDFs that rarely get much traffic or have much impact.  We've seen better results with content, including interactive data, video, social integration, etc posted directly to the web.  The talk focuses on different workflows and tools that make this possible and even painless, considering most content still gets written/edited in Word first.

    Vote early, vote often!
    (no wait, that doesn't sound right... :P)

    Nathan Gasser
    President & Executive Chef
    Report Kitchen
    A more delicious way to publish your
    project, policy, and research reports.

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  • 7.  RE: 19NTC Session Voting / Communications Track

    Posted Aug 29, 2018 17:26
    Wow! All these sessions sound terrific. I love the brilliance of this community.

    I have been teaching marketing basics to nonprofits this year, so I decided to jump in on the tactical track. I submitted a few ideas based on the most successful online master classes we've run. I've also been hosting a podcast for 4 years and thought it might be time to share the system I use to get it out with minimal effort and maximum effect.

    If any of these sound like they would help nonprofits market like a pro, give them a vote.

    Social Media Ambassadors: A Toolkit to Inspire Action…/social-media-ambassadors-a-diy-tool…/

    How to take Great Photos for Marketing with your Smartphone…/how-to-take-great-photos-for-marke…/…

    Making Managing and Marketing a Podcast…/making-managing-and-marketing-a-po…/…

    Hope to meet you all in Portland!


    Beth Brodovsky
    Iris Creative
    Fort Washington, PA

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  • 8.  RE: 19NTC Session Voting / Communications Track

    Posted Aug 30, 2018 10:17

    Thanks so much for starting this thread. There are just too many good choices.

    Mighty Citizen submitted many proposals but here are two I this group might like:

    Content Governance 101: How to Manage Your Digital Content for Success
    Nonprofits often have a content problem: There's too much of it, owned by too many stakeholders, and nobody knows how to manage all of it at once. But there's a solution. A concrete, detailed content governance strategy will ensure that every piece of content your organization puts online-website, email, social media, etc.- is part of a larger, clearly managed system. No more orphan webpages or outdated facts. No more internal confusion about who owns what. Content governance is a nonstop mission. But instituting a few guidelines can turn your content from a chore into a delight.

    How to Create Donor Surveys That Improve Your Fundraising
    If you don't survey your target audiences, your fundraising efforts are merely educated guesses. And if your surveys aren't carefully crafted, you'll end up receiving misleading data. But done well, surveys can empower you with real, actionable, and surprising insights into what your current and prospective donors do, think, and need.

    The others if you're curious:
    How to Get the Most Out of Your Nonprofit Website
    Storytelling for Impact: Helping Donors Understand the Value of their Dollar
    How to Sell, Execute, and Implement a Brand Overhaul

    Hope to see you all in Portland!

    Rachel Clemens
    Mighty Citizen
    Austin TX

    Tech Accelerate