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For those doing digital strategy work, including written or multimedia content for nonprofit websites, social media, and e-newsletters. This group is for those digital communications folks who create written or multimedia content for websites, social media, and e-newsletters for nonprofits. Members will discuss topics such as social media trends, digital analytics, developing content, storytelling, planning and resources, content strategy, and more.

NTC Recap and Takeaways

  • 1.  NTC Recap and Takeaways

    Posted Mar 21, 2019 10:40
    Hello! It was wonderful meeting many of you in Portland! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Birds of a Feather tables. We had some great lunchtime conversations.
    Also, a special thanks to @Kristy Hayter and @Katie Call for facilitating the Connect session. We'll be sharing notes from that session soon!

    The collaborative notes are a great way to refresh your memory on workshops you attended, or a place to see the slides and notes from sessions you weren't able to attend. @Tristan Penn shared a link to a Google Drive folder that has ALL the collaborative notes in it from #19NTC, so one million points to Tristan! 19NTC: Collaborative Notes - Google Drive

    One of my favorite things about NTC is I come home with some actionable takeaways. Let's share some of the things we learned that we plan to put to use in our organizations.

    I'll start! The last session I was able to attend was called Staying Sharp: How to Create and Implement Great Ideas. The session talked about ways to generate ideas to put to use in your organization. It also included a worksheet (linked in the collaborative notes) to help you articulate the big things when pitching an idea: what is the plan, what resources will it take, what problem does it solve, who does it help, how will you measure it, etc.
    I think the idea generating process will be helpful, but I'm definitely going to print out the script to put near my desk as a quick way to boil down an idea to the main components so I can think through those things before sharing with others or deciding to try to implement something.

     ​​How about you? What else did we learn in Portland? How are you putting it to use?

    Kara Potter
    Missouri State Teachers Association
    Columbia, MO
    Community Organizer, NTEN Digital Communications Group
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    Posted Mar 21, 2019 11:29
    Edited by Kristy Hayter Mar 21, 2019 11:30

    It was so great to connect with folks at Birds of a Feather and at the Connect session!

    My big take away and what I will be working on next year will be being more strategic with our online monthly donors. 


    Kristy Hayter
    Associate Manager, Digital Marketing
    Covenant House Vancouver
    Vancouver, BC

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  • 3.  RE: NTC Recap and Takeaways

    Posted Apr 29, 2019 16:59
    Hi everyone! Attached below are the notes from the 19NTC: Digital Communications Community Connect Session. Thanks to @Kristy Hayter for leading the discussion and everyone who attended and contributed thoughts and questions.

    19NTC: Digital Communications Community Connect Session
    • Netsquared 501 tech group? Is there a group like this in Salt Lake?
    • Communications with youth
      • How do kids like to communicate with each other?
      • For work with organizations that interact with children, how can staff communicate safely, privately and effectively? 
      • Schools in Texas use something called Remind - can send out text alerts, push information to student's phones
      • Monthly newsletter for teens, both parents and kids, can read
      • Facebook is also used but not as utilized by younger kids
    • Key takeaways from 19NTC:
      • Many useful resources to be aware of
      • What's the difference between a lightbox and a modul? 
      • Using a lightbox to grow an email list
      • Having a clear call to action or ask 
    • Cyber security - how much do "they" know about you online? 
      • Tracking activity, interest online
    • Managing a communications channel - programming, action alerts, membership initiatives 
      • Is it ok to send more than one email per day? 
      • Metrics on open rates, click through, unsubscribes
      • Polling people on if they feel they're receiving too many emails
        • Even with complaints, emails do work
        • Helpful to clearly identify which part of the organization is sending the email?
      • Messaging on action emails - can't always be an emergency, need to have occasional positive stories 
    • Communication calendar - letting multiple channels/departments have time to share their messages
    • National vs local level of large organizations (eg: National Audubon Society)
      • Goal is to implement a hard push for monthly donors
      • Sustainers want to know about outcomes - share positive stories as exclusive content via digital channels
      • Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook - show value, value, value and then ask for a donation.
        • Value should come fist, take them on a journey
    • Podcast session
      • LinkedIn learning course on how to begin a podcast - really good technical information
      • More personal and intimate way to engage with brand, not as outwardly social as Facebook or Instagram
      • Many new podcasters use Patreon for revenue stream
    • Really liked the tactical sessions - short 30 minute content
      • Very quick, nice easy topics
      • Using your phone for marketing - one of the best tactical sessions 
      • Google Analytics, Click Click Done - Tips to clean up data, filters to remove data that you don't need (like staff visits & bots)
      • Chat bots to increase advocacy, join contact list
    • Topics for future discussion in the Digital Communications Community
      • Where are people getting benchmark numbers from? Email open rates? 
        • Care2, hjc & NTEN released the 2019 Digital Outlook Report 
        • M+R yearly report
        • Hootsuite - Country specific, top searches in country
      • Examples of different types of campaigns - moving someone from engaged to donor
      • User Experience - improving experience for users on websites

    [Katie] [Call]
    [Manager, Digital Media & Educational Content]
    [American Dental Association]
    [Chicago], [IL]

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    Posted Apr 30, 2019 10:18
    Hey Everyone!

    I really enjoyed meeting many of you at the conference and will definitely be back.  Thanks so much to the staff for organizing such a well run conference.  It is hard to believe it has already been over a month!  Here is a summary of my takeaways from 19NTC.

    Top 8 Takeaways from the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

    Andy Johnson
    Vice President of Analytics
    Atlanta, GA

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