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Digital safety and security in a hostile climate?

  • 1.  Digital safety and security in a hostile climate?

    Posted Oct 04, 2019 15:20
    Hi all,

    This question falls at the intersection of data and communications, so I'm cross-posting it to the Data group. Sorry for the duplication if you're in both groups.

    I work at an organization that is both Jewish and LGBTQ. With the continued rise of hate groups, I am concerned about the safety and security of the staff at my organization.

    Sites like Vanguard News Network (VNN), the Daily Stormer, 4chan, 8chan, etc. often target specific individuals for Gamergate style harassment, threats, doxxing, or worse.

    We like to have an open culture at our organization, and part of that is a website section with staff photos and bios. We recently became aware that a photo of one or our staff was taken from our website and posted on VNN in a thread about "ugly Jews."

    Given the nature of the web, there is no way to prevent determined people from reusing photos from a website. I know that organizations like SPLC and the ADL do not post the names and photos of staff other than their most senior staff, and I'm considering recommending that we take this path for the safety of our staff.

    I would very much like to find a blacklist of websites or ip addresses of known hate groups, so I can block traffic coming from those sites to ours. Or a service that can help us with something like this. I also worry about a denial of service attack on our website.

    1) Is anyone aware of a service or blacklists that I can use to prevent direct traffic from hate sites from visiting our site?

    2) If you work at an organization with similar safety concerns, what measures have you taken to protect your staff?

    3) What do you do (if anything) to protect against denial of service attacks?



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