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YouTube help- playlist order

  • 1.  YouTube help- playlist order

    Posted Aug 03, 2019 08:44
    Hi all,
    I'm hoping someone here will share their wisdom.

    I've just uploaded new videos to the business YouTube Channel.
    Although they show under "playlists" they don't show on the home page.
    I have done this before, and I'd been able to figure out how to show the playlist order, as well as making it appear on the main YT page.
    Now, either I've forgotten how to get to the screen where you can change the playlist order, or YT has changed something in the past 3 months.

    I have made them public. I've looked on the YT community pages.
    When I google the question, I get answers from 2013, or how to change the order of videos within a playlist.
    I can't seem to find how to make this new playlist show on the main page.

    Please, can someone help me here?  PS I use Firefox for the YT editing, to keep it separate from Chrome.
    Thank you so very much! Tricia

    Tricia Maddrey BakerSocial Media/Communications ManagerBethesdaMD
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  • 2.  RE: YouTube help- playlist order

    Posted Aug 05, 2019 01:34
    I think I understand your question and just went through this process on our channel. When you're logged in:
    • Click on your avatar/profile pic in the upper right
    • Choose "Your Channel"
    • Click the blue "Customize Channel"
    There you should be able to edit what appears on your channel page for new and returning visitors. I feel like YouTube changes things everytime I'm working there, so it probably has changed in 3 months! I hope this information is what you're looking for.

    Melissa Amarello
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