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This group is for those interested in learning and sharing about all things data-related for nonprofits. The Nonprofits and Data group is for people using data to serve a mission, either directly or by improving nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. That includes everything from collecting data and managing databases to analytics, data visualization and data mining. Here are some examples of topics we discuss: using data to improve organizational effectiveness, measuring impact, using data for storytelling, tools for data management and analysis, figuring out the “right” data to collect, and learning skills to help us use data better.

To Centralize Data or Not to?

  • 1.  To Centralize Data or Not to?

    Posted Feb 08, 2018 16:53
    As part of the Data Community call last week, I was listening to the conversation asking: Is anyone using or thinking about moving to a data warehouse set-up? What issues to consider if going this route? Here is a Blog that I though might be helpful in answering that question and provide 5 Reasons for Centralized Data:

    Is Data at the Center of Your Technology Ecosystem?
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    Is Data at the Center of Your Technology Ecosystem?
    "Perhaps the most interesting part of the discussion, raised by [Ron] Moen, was the potential of moving away from models in which the AMS is at the center of the association's technology infrastructure," wrote Ernie Smith, Social Media Journalist for Associations Now, in his recap of a session at ASAE Tech 2017.
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    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions that I could answer.


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