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This group is for those interested in learning and sharing about all things data-related for nonprofits. The Nonprofits and Data group is for people using data to serve a mission, either directly or by improving nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. That includes everything from collecting data and managing databases to analytics, data visualization and data mining. Here are some examples of topics we discuss: using data to improve organizational effectiveness, measuring impact, using data for storytelling, tools for data management and analysis, figuring out the “right” data to collect, and learning skills to help us use data better.

Salesforce - Government cloud? Shield?

  • 1.  Salesforce - Government cloud? Shield?

    Posted Apr 19, 2019 08:49
    Hey all!

    I'm not sure if there's any government agencies in here but I thought it's worth a shot.  We're implementing Salesforce and because we work with / in the courts we're getting a lot of conflicting information about whether we should get Government Cloud (which will be really expensive), Shield, or nothing.  None of us here know much about security so we're just getting a lot of acronyms thrown at us, and we don't know how to make an informed decision.  We are also having really bad luck with the SF government cloud AE's.  For example - when we asked SF if we can start on one cloud and move to the other in the future, we didn't get a clear answer.  Also SF government cloud won't give us a pricing matrix without "fully understanding our requirements" (we've done a full discovery and know exactly what license types we need).

    Any experience or thoughts?

    Shubha Bala
    Center for Court Innovation
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  • 2.  RE: Salesforce - Government cloud? Shield?

    Posted May 10, 2019 10:35
    Signal boost...  Anyone here who has experience to share with Shubha on government agencies implementing SalesForce?  Any other organizations here who work with courts specifically who have some experience navigating the system requirements?

    Janice Chan
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