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Rural Digital Divide in America

  • 1.  Rural Digital Divide in America

    Posted Sep 07, 2018 13:34
    Interesting articles in the news this week about the rural digital divide that I wanted to share with the community.

    1) Broadband Connects America was launched to end the rural digital divide

    Learn more at

    2) The Cost Of Doing Business Across The Rural Digital Divide

    What do you think the future will be in rural areas?

    Emily Weinberg
    Organizer of NTEN's Digital Inclusion Online Community
    Tech Accelerate

  • 2.  RE: Rural Digital Divide in America

    Posted Sep 08, 2018 09:01

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    My org, Next Century Cities, is one of the founding partners of Broadband Connects America. Other partners include the Benton Foundation, Nat'l Digital Inclusion Alliance, Nat'l Hispanic Media Coalition, Open Technology Institute, Public Knowledge, Nat'l Consumer Law Center, the Institute for Local Self Reliance, and many others.

    There are solutions to the connectivity issue, but there also exist obstacles.

    We need to change the way that federal programs support these infrastructure projects and we need legislation that is more pro-local and less pro-industry. We need to eliminate the barriers created by state and federal legislation that prohibit or limit the options available to local communities and small regional orgs (like co-ops). Did you know there are 19 states that have barriers to or outright prohibitions to prevent local communities from building their own networks? Did you know that as of 2017, 3% of Americans (more than 11 million) were still using dial up?

    If you are interested in knowing more about how your community or your organization can help, or if you are seeking more information about the problems and solutions available, please feel free to reach out to me directly - FYI, my org is a nonprofit and we work with member cities and towns and counties who want fast, affordable, reliable broadband. Access and adoption are issues we work on every day.



    Deb Socia
    Executive Director
    Next Century Cities
    Washington, DC

    Tech Accelerate