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Help close the digital divide! Join us in supporting digital inclusion initiatives, sharing best practices, and showcasing digital inclusion programs. This Digital Inclusion group is focused on supporting digital inclusion initiatives, sharing best practices, and showcasing digital inclusion programs. It is designed to build community around digital inclusion and connect actors committed to helping close the digital divide.

My Introduction

  • 1.  My Introduction

    Posted Aug 06, 2018 14:18
    Hi everyone,
    I've just joined this NTEN Digital Inclusion Forum, so thought I'd do a brief hello. I've the Digital Equity Manager at the City of Seattle, where I've been working on digital inclusion policy and programs since 1996. I'm a strong believer in passing on what I've learned about digital inclusion strategies and learning from others, as well as advocating for digital equity policies.  I've done a lot of training, helped out on national initiatives, and am active with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). We've been NTEN members for a while and I had the honor of presenting to the NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellows a couple years ago. A few things that may be of interest to this group are the City of Seattle's Technology Matching Fund grant community program, Technology Access and Adoption research, Digital Equity Initiative and plan that was released a couple years ago, and the free cable broadband for non-profits who providing community access and training.

    I would also like to suggest that NTEN consider adopting the NDIA definitions of digital inclusion and digital equity to help further common language standards for this work.

    Thanks for bringing your talent and knowledge to this forum and field!
    - David

    David Keyes
    Digital Equity Manager
    City of Seattle
    Seattle, WA
    Tech Accelerate

  • 2.  RE: My Introduction

    Posted Aug 07, 2018 14:55
    Hi David, and welcome to the group!  It's great to see you here.

    Thank you for sharing those handy links.  Seattle has definitely set the bar quite high for working on digital inclusion at the city level, and I'm grateful you all are so willing to share your experiences and learnings.

    I definitely agree with your thoughts about adopting NDIA definitions.  Is there a certain way that you were suggesting putting that into practice?


    Leana Mayzlina
    Senior Digital Inclusion Manager
    Portland, OR

    Tech Accelerate