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Texans (and those that want to be)

  • 1.  Texans (and those that want to be)

    Posted Mar 12, 2019 18:32
    I sent this via the #19NTC chat on the app but just in case you did not see that...

    Hey y'all Texans... Thanks to everyone that said they were interested in meeting! There's always a TON of things to do at #NTC so why don't we meet at Noon tomorrow (Wednesday) to the left of the badge printing area . We can quickly meet and then decide if we want to have a group dinner, lunch, drink or stay on our own! If you don't find me, text me at 972-839-9960.

    P.S. If you have been a Texan in the past or are just enamoured with our state, you are welcome to join us as well!

    Mary Beth

    Mary Beth Harrington, CVAPassionate Nonprofit Expert
    972-839-9960 (cell)
    Nonprofit Tech Clubs