2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference NTC

  • 1.  🚨4 DAYS AWAY! 🚨

    Posted Mar 07, 2019 18:53

    Hi Everyone!

    We are 4 DAYS AWAY!

    How excited are you all!? I cannot wait for everyone to see what the NTEN Team has been working so HARD on!
    With 4 days left, I wanted to remind y'all of a few things as we lead up to #19NTC.

    📱Social Media - Hype. Up. The. Conference! Use the hashtag #19NTC in every post/message/tweet you can! My platform of choice is Instagram. Tag us! (Twitter & Instagram: @NTENorg, Facebook: @NTEN.org ) We want to see all of the #19NTC love as you all prepare, pack, fly to, and participate in the Nonprofit Technology Conference! Who knows? We may repost/retweet/comment on your social media love!

    🤳Download the App - If you haven't already, download and start making connections on the #19NTC attendees only app!

    🧳Pack wisely -
    1. Water bottle: #19NTC water bottles will be provided. Woohoo!
    2. Snacks: We'll all be out of our normal routines and perhaps out of our normal time zones--bring a few snacks and eat when you need to. Do whatever it takes to get yourself from hangry (hungry/angry) back to being able to listen and make the most of your time at the #19NTC. 
    3. Clothes: NTENers are a business casual and t-shirt bunch. No need for anything fancy. Do bring warm layers in case of a chilly breakout session room. Perhaps bring loose-fitting clothes for our Lunchtime Yoga Activity on Friday.
    4. Shoes: Leave your uncomfortable shoes at home! The NTC is not that kind of conference. Instead, perhaps bring your walking shoes for Wednesday's lunchtime walking session. Maybe you want your dancing shoes for Thursday's official party. Perhaps bring running, hiking, or museum-going shoes to join some of the great self-organized events the community has put together.
    5. Portable device charger: You'll want to regularly recharge after all your tweeting and collaborative note-taking. Though if you don't have a portable charger, know that outlets and charging stations will be at #19NTC.
    6. Business cards: Bring plenty of business cards (and do yourself a favor and schedule time post-conference for sending follow-ups).
    7. Photography gear or knitting projects: The NTEN community has self-organized all kinds of awesome extra events. See what's available and perhaps bring a few extras to help you make the most of it.
    I am so PUMPED for you all to come and enjoy our city! Please reach out if you all have any questions or need any advice; I may not have the answer but I'll do my best to find the answer.

    See you all VERY SOON!
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    Tristan Penn (pronouns: he/him)
    Community Engagement & Equity Manager, NTEN
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