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This is the community forum for 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#19NTC) registrants. Use this group ask and answer questions, talk about the sessions that you're presenting or that you're excited to attend, and find other attendees to connect with before or during the conference.

๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

  • 1.  ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 30 days ago
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    Hey Everyone!
    Bitmoji ImageLet's hear from our fantastic 19NTC sponsors and exhibitors!

    What products or services do you provide? What's your booth number? What can attendees expect at your booth (ex. demos, swag, Q&A)? Anything else you'd like attendees to know?

    (Note: Typically we discourage pitches in NTEN's online forums [see the community guidelines], but we'll make exceptions for this thread.)

    I've included a map of the exhibition hall and have additionally linked the interactive exhibition hall page

    Can't wait to see everyone and meet all the great Sponsors & Exhibitors!

    - Tristan

    Tristan Penn (pronouns: he/him)
    Community Engagement Manager, NTEN
    nten.org | @NTENorg

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Hellloooooooo NTEN Family!! Giveffect has proudly sponsored NTEN for years and we feel so very fortunate to to have this opportunity to mingle with our clients as well as introduce folks to the product who have not yet seen or experienced it.

    Giveffect was created by nonprofit professionals, and employs only nonprofit professionals, because we only serve nonprofits! Giveffect is a 10 system, turn key, fully integrated solution that can be used across your entire nonprofit, not just one department. So if you're in development, community engagement, operations, finance, advancement, programs, services, IT departments (and the list goes on)...come see how Smart Automation can change your work life!

    *******************Booth #425*****************

    • We have our coveted mint "I Giveffect About You" T-shirts again this year, so please do drop booth #425ย by for one!
    • Also, we will be raffling a free year of software!
    • Our Nonprofit Solutions Consultants (including me!) will be available to chat with you about your specific needs, pain points, and inquiries about Giveffect and schedule a live demonstration so you can see how Giveffect would function specifically at your nonprofit.ย 

    Sara Gage
    Nonprofit Solutions Consultant
    Atlanta, GA

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    Posted 28 days ago
    ActBlue is all about the big value of small-dollar donations for your nonprofit.

    Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio is Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%.

    Weโ€™re natural allies. No surprise ActBlue is Nonprofit Radioโ€™s Premier Sponsor at 19NTC. Weโ€™re together in booths 508 & 510.

    ActBlue has swag, smart folks and savvy giving strategies. Plus an on-site training giveaway.

    Nonprofit Radio is capturing lots of video interviews for coming shows.

    Check out the booths with the bright-shining studio lights. We have sunglasses.

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    Posted 27 days ago

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kristen Kozlowski, and I am excited to be exhibiting at NTEN this year and represent my company, Online Computers! It will be our first year attending, and we are looking forward to meeting all of you and taking advantage of this awesome opportunity.

    *** Booth #221 ***

    - We are giving put FREE dark web scans for all attendees and also a very, very COOL surprise prize which will be turning heads.ย 

    - Also available are power banks and more!

    - Manning the booth will be myself and our Business Development Manager, Evan Lang, to answer any questions you may have.

    Online Computersย began with a mission to help businesses like yours get a real return on their technology investments. No matter what your technology needs are,ย Online Computersย always remains dedicatedย to providing proactive, state-of-the-art IT support, services and products that allow your company to reach further andย achieve greater success.

    We supportย over 135 organizations, including businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, nonprofit organizations, which together hold us accountable for the technology ofย over 10,000 end users.ย We are at-the-ready to respond in real time to any and all of the questions, concerns, and issues any of our end users may have.

    Kristen Kozlowski
    Marketing Specialist
    Online Computers
    Whippany, NJ

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi Tristan,

    Ok - you asked for it! :-)

    Hi everyone! My name is Rob Miller and I am a SVP at Gravitate Solutions. Please come visit Brandon and me at booth 720.

    Gravitate Solutions is the developer of the association market leader, Nucleus - a SaaS based analytics platform. I was a client of Gravitate until very recently and joined the company because I am excited about this product. At my association we were able to connect it to iMIS (AMS), Higher Logic (Community) & Informz (email) and then begin aggregating member engagement and find our most (and least) engaged members. This helped us make many important decisions such as picking our next board members from our most engaged members and changing the timing of our dues renewal. Weโ€™re getting ready to release a new feature - โ€œpredictive revenue,โ€ which will allow our clients to model future revenue based on all the inputs from their connected systems.

    Finally, weโ€™re looking for some partners to help us sell and implement the product.

    Please come to booth 720 to hear more.

    Commercial Overโ€ฆ :-)

    Best Regards,


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    Posted 28 days ago
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    thumbnail image

    Performance Culture, a performance management software company, is excited to be an exhibitor at the 2019 NTEN conference.

    Many nonprofit organizations use our software because of our focus on core values and workplace culture.ย  See our attached whitepaper (Better Teams, Better Results for the nonprofit industry).

    We offer a preferred nonprofit pricing program.ย  To learn more, contact us (hello@performanceculture.com)

    Software features include:
    • Mission, Vision & Core Values
    • Check-Ins
    • 360-Degree Feedback
    • Performance Reviews
    • Engagement & Workplace Satisfaction Surveys
    • Learning Management System
    • Goal Management
    • Meeting Agendas with Action Plan Tracking
    • Cloud-basedย software that is easy to use
    Our two co-founders will be at the conference:ย  Dallas Romanowski and Melissa Phillippi.

    We hope to see you at the conference!

    Dallas Romanowski
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Performance Culture, Inc.
    Wilmington, NC

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    Posted 27 days ago

    Oracle NetSuite Social Impact is one of those organizations that has one foot in the member community & one foot in the vendor community - never quite sure which thread to post too. I've been at NTCs for over a decade & gotten a huge amount of support for my career & our mission from this community. You'll recognize names like Peggy Duvette, Steve Heye & Debra Askanase on our team from past years in the NTEN community.

    Our claim to frame is we provide cloud based financial management (& ERP) software to charities of any size regardless of their ability to pay. And we take responsibility for an organization's ability to use it with implementation, support, pro bono & capacity building built into our offerings.

    If you just need to replace quickbooks, we provide that at no cost & we're really excited that we recently started implementing the software at no cost as well.

    If you need to go beyond quickbooks, we have options for every size organization from start ups (Charity Water actually came to use pre-revenue long ago) to the largest charities in the world like the American Cancer Society. The cool thing is that this is all the same software - the smallest guys can get the same power and flexibility the bigs guys benefit from ... delivered in a social enterprise model with pro bono support, capacity building and more.

    Visit us at booth 111!

    We look forward to meeting you!

    David Geilhufe
    Senior Director
    Oracle NetSuite Social Impact
    San Mateo, CA

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Hey all!!! While it's our company's second year at NTC, it's personally my first so I'm so looking forward to seeing firsthand what all the buzz is about!

    WizeHive helps nonprofits of all kinds, shapes, and sizes streamline their giving programs with our cloud-based Zengine platform. From grants to scholarships, fellowships to annual awards, our software improves the entire process from dynamic and user-friendly applications to a smart review system to comprehensive data management and impact reporting for your internal team. We also integrate with 1000+ other systems including your AMS or CRM, which makes seeing the "big picture" even easier.

    Stop by Booth 502 and say hello to me or Natalie from our Product team to get a look at the system, some WizeHive swag, and some local sweet treats.

    Melissa Greiner
    Marketing Director
    Conshohocken, PA

  • 9.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hey Folks! EveryAction is thrilled to be back at NTEN this year. We are a unified CRM built by a team of practitioners who set out to create the system that we had always dreamed of having when we worked in the nonprofit space. We offer Email, Donor Management, Online Forms, Advocacy, and Volunteer Management in one place. We have the pleasure of working with nonprofits who are frustrated with data siloes and are searching for ways to save time and have a more actionable and holistic view of their supporters.

    We are proud to be a presenting sponsor this year, and can't wait to meet you all there. Remember to stop by our booth (#201) and say hi!

    Laurie Davis (pronouns: she/her)
    Nonprofit Account Executive, EveryAction
    Washington, D.C.

    Laurie Davis
    Account Executive
    Washington, DC

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Hi NTCers!

    I'm Molly Trerotola, and I'm excited to be exhibiting with Give Livelyย at NTC for the second year in a row! Give Lively is a philanthropist-funded startup that builds online fundraising tech and gives it away to nonprofits for free. Nonprofits have unlimited, free access to our online fundraising platform, and so they can focus more funds on supporting their missions. We currently support over 3,000 nonprofits and our membership grows every day!

    We're also excited to be leading two sessions at the conference:
    Digital Wallets: So Hot Right Now
    Reducing Donor Abandonment: What to Copy from E-retailers

    Please swing by our sessions and visit us at booth 311 :)

    See you there!

    Molly Trerotola
    Media & Communications Manager
    Give Lively
    New York, NY

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Hello from (surprisingly) snowy Portland this morning! Greater Giving is excited to be in our hometown for the NTC this year. We've participated as an exhibitor for at least the last five (maybe more) conferences and always have a fantastic time.

    So more about us...ย Greater Giving, a Global Payments company, works exclusively with schools and nonprofits across the United States and Canada-offering integrated technologies to help simplify event management; quickly train volunteers; streamline check-in and check-out; and raise more funds. Greater Giving solutions are based on a single cloud-based, user-friendly platform.

    And about our booth...
    Visit us at booth #501 (right by the lines for all the deliciousย meals we will be having!) to chat about fundraising events. We can do live demos on the spot and show you how our online bidding works directly on your mobile device. If you let our team scan your badge, you will be entered into our drawing to win a Coolest Cooler! Also, on the first evening during the Reception in the Exhibit Hall, we will be handing out fun swag from Portland brewery Stormbreaker Brewing and $1-off vouchers to the first 200 booth visitors for their brewery and pub just up the street on Mississippi Ave.

    We can't wait to see you all here in Portland! Stop by and ask us about our favorite spots :)

    Visit us at #19NTC in Booth 501!
    Tracey Lorts (pronouns:she/her)
    Senior Marketing Events Manager
    Greater Giving
    Hillsboro, OR

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Edited by Tom Kelly 27 days ago
    Hello folks!

    DonorPerfect is longtime supporter of both NTEN and their annual conference. This will be the second conference I am working at (had a blast in New Orleans last year).

    Stop by booth #608 to find out why nearly 10,000 nonprofits employ DonorPerfect to manage their constituencies and raise more money. Our CRM helps organizations manage donations, contacts, receipting, reporting, email and fundraising initiatives from a single system. We offer pricing packages to meet any size organization and any budget, and integrated partners that add features like prospect research, advocacy, live/online auctions and text-to-give.

    . . . or just stop by to say hello and pick up some free swag!

    Hope to see you in Portland.

    Tom Kelly
    Regional Manager
    DonorPerfect Fundraising Software
    Fort Washington, PA

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    Posted 27 days ago

    ThinkShout will be back this year at booth #416 with our infamous comfy tee-shirts to giveaway. Our 2019 shirts will have an original, never-before-seen design created by local PDX artist Hingyi Khong,ย and the shirts are being produced by local printmakerย Refutees. Keep an eye on our Instagram to get a sneak peak of the design once it comes out~!

    So who are we???
    • ThinkShout is a full service digital agency that serves progressive organizations through creative strategies and digital solutions. We envision a world where people and the planet come first.
    • What does "full service" mean? It means we do everything from initial strategy and analysis to mobile-first wireframing, IA, user experience design, to implementation of the digital products we architect in partnership with our clients.
    • We are most well known for our development of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map which is hot off the presses as of last week (the original Hate Map & SPLC website won a Webby in 2016).
    • Our biggest initiative this year is #Accessibility. We have a designated Accessibility Lead on our team who has created our methodology for site audits and implementation of websites that are accessible to all people and their ranging abilities.ย 
    • We are also experts at user research and persona definition, branding and visual identity, and marketing and communications strategies for a range of nonprofit organizations.ย 
    Our CEO Lev Tsypin will be presenting a tactical session on Mapping your Digital Ecosystem which you won't want to miss!

    Lastly: We are hosting a Happy Hour at our offices on Wednesday, March 13th from 6-8pm.ย This event is not in association with NTEN nor is it an official NTC event. We just wanted to offer up another opportunity for our community to network and get to know one another!ย Come by for free beverages, snacks, and gorgeous views of downtown Portland at sunset -- there'll even be mini golf!

    Space is limited, so get your tickets while available!


    Natania LeClerc
    Senior Digital Engagement Strategist
    ThinkShout, Inc.
    Portland, OR

  • 14.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 27 days ago
    Happy Monday, all!

    TL:DR - Let's chat Salesforce (NPSP, Communities, Service Cloud), marketing automation using Pardot or Marketing Cloud, UX and the importance of data-driven design at BOOTH 600.

    I'll be representing my fantastic woman-owned company Fรญonta (Booth 600), which was founded in 2001 to serve the needs of nonprofits and associations.ย We are experts at integrating and customizing Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Community and Service Clouds, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud to aid nonprofits with program management, fundraising, volunteer and/or employee management, constituent communications, and more! Also at the booth will be Gordon Withers who manages our web strategy and UX practice.

    Our UX/UI team ensures that all interfaces are thoughtfully designed and developed using human-centered design principles and that open-source websites can integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla websites.

    Swag? In an effort not to junk up the environment, our swag footprint is small. Stop by Booth 600 for a screen cleaner (perfect for glasses case, too) or a chocolate. We'll have limited paper sell sheets and easy access via QR code for more digital information.

    Karin Tracy
    VP, Marketing Initiatives
    Los Angeles, CA

  • 15.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 27 days ago
    Edited by Rebecca Fowler 27 days ago
    Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am so excited about our first NTC! Visit us at booth 418.

    ShopRaise engages your supporters with their everyday shopping. We create cause branded mobile and desktop apps, comprehensive reporting and all the marketing tools you need to spread the word. Partner with ShopRaise and over 1,200 retailers like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Expedia and so many more at no cost to your supporters or organization. See how simply ShopRaise will enhance fundraising efforts!

    Let me know if you would like to set up and time to discuss how easy it is to you raise from your supporters everyday shopping. Stop by booth 418 and pick up some swag.

    See you all Portland!

    Rebecca Fowler
    VP Business Development
    Littleton, CO

  • 16.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 27 days ago
    Greetings NTEN Family!

    This will be the first time that boodleAI has exhibitedย at NTEN, but we are excited to do so and look forward to meeting as many people as possible.

    Please come visit us at Booth 519!

    boodleAI is a leading machine learning peer-to-peer platform that empowers nonprofits to connect with new donors and supporters. boodleAI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help people discover contacts in their personal networks that match particular personas and then deepen the connection with those contacts through messages that resonate.

    Nonprofits use boodleAI to acquire new donors by empowering their supporters to find contacts that look like their best donors and then reach out to them through an effective peer-to-peer ask.

    Come visit us to:

    -receive a boodleAI signature camera security covers
    -learnย more about our platform and meet with our team
    -learn more about our upcoming products
    ย  ย  ย - Data Hygiene
    ย  ย  ย - Staffing / Recruiting
    ย  ย  ย - Data Enrichment and visualization
    -sign up for two separate raffles, prizes include:
    ย  ย  ย - $100 Amazon Gift Card
    ย  ย  ย - $500 Amason Gift Card
    ย  ย  ย - $500 donation by boodleAI to one charity attending NTEN
    ย  ย  ย - $1000 donation by boodle AI to one charity attending NTEN
    ย  ย  ย - $500 credit toward first annual license
    ย  ย  ย - $2,000 upgrade credit toward annual license

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Let's boodle!


    Shawn Olds

  • 17.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 26 days ago
    Hey there! We're Cornershop Creative, and we build and maintain powerful, effective websites and data integrations for nonprofits.

    NTC is our favorite conference, and we can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones this year in Portland.

    We'll be all over the conference this year:
    thumbnail image

    We hope you'll come say hi!
    thumbnail image

    Lesley Molecke
    Cornershop Creative

  • 18.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 26 days ago
    Good morning from NYC!

    My name is Laurel and I am an admissions counselor with Columbia University School of Professional Studies. We are excited to be exhibiting this year and representing our Master of Science programs in Sustainability Management, Nonprofit Management, Technology Management, and so much more! For a full list of our programs, feel free to stop by booth 717 or visit our website. Looking forward to meeting all of you :-)

    Laurel Hildner
    Columbia University School of Professional Studies
    New York, NY

  • 19.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    On behalf of the team at Blackbaud, I'd like to introduce ourselves. We're a long time supporter of NTEN and I've personally been an attendee for the past 10 years (my first NTC was New Orleans!). We're excited to be joined by our Blackbaud Labs team, whose mission is to generate a pipeline of creative new ideas, experiment with new technology, and incubate new products.

    Blackbaud Fun Facts:
    • We've been an active sponsor for over 10 years, presenter from coast to coast and served on the NTEN board for 8 years.
    • We serve 40,000 nonprofits customers
    • 23% of our employees are on nonprofit boards
    • Blackbaud is the 25th largest SaaS company in the world who is exclusively dedicated to nonprofits
    Cool experiences at the booth (325):
    • Demo our newly released Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving which includes livestream fundraising through Twitch, native Blackbaud integrations and no subscription fees!
    • Check out "Give and Go", a custom QR code for your org that enables quick and easy donations using your smartphone.
    • Learn how to enable donations using Alexa for your nonprofit.
    • Win a 3D printer by demoing any Blackbaud solution. We'll be printing cookie cutters in the shape of a beaker bottles!

    FRIDAY, 1:30pm. Next Practices: The Art and Science of Inventing Tomorrow's Best Practices
    Join American Cancer Society, Alzheimers Association and Blackbaud Lab and learn how to incorporate innovation into your fundraising, communications and programs.

    Blackbaud is the world's leading cloud software company powering social good. Our mission is to provide cloud software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empower and connect people to drive impact for social good.

    Thank you!

    Jeanette Russell
    Sr. Solution Marketing Manager

  • 20.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 24 days ago
    Thanks, Tristan!

    I'm with Capellic and we'll be at Booth 405 talking about Drupal web development, symbolic gift catalogs, and data drivien decision making. You can learn a bit more about us on our website, of course.

    We'll also have a large teddy-goat in need of a name. The person with the best name gets the goat! If you need some inspiration, check-out the creativity from our unicorn naming contest last year.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Please reach out if you have any questions.



    Joel Bush
    Capellic, LLC
    Encinitas, CA

  • 21.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hello, everyone!

    Message Agency is getting geared up for a great conference in Portland.ย  Going to NTC is like a homecoming for us; we can't wait to see old friends and make new ones as well!

    For those of you who don't know us, we are aย full-service digital agency and a certified B Corporationย that has only served nonprofits, universities, foundations, and mission-aligned organizations for over a decade.ย  A little bit about us:

    • We help clients developย digital strategiesย that engage their stakeholders across web, social, and other channels.ย ย 
    • We are anย open source shopย that builds sites with Drupal and WordPress.ย 
    • We're known for designingย well-structured and accessible websitesย and web applications.
    • We are also experts atย integrating sites with CRMs like Salesforce.ย  In fact, we wrote the original Salesforce Suite modules for Drupal and recently redeveloped them for Drupal 8.ย ย 

    This year, we are exhibiting and sharing our knowledge during the Preconference and teaming up with our client, the Juvenile Law Center, for a regular conference session.ย ย We've also contributed two of our sponsored Precon sessions to the community to help ensure that the voices and expertise of nonprofit staff are represented during the sessions focused on specific technologies.

    Come find us!

    Have a great conference!ย  Hope to see some of you there.

    Marcus Iannozzi
    Founder and Principal
    Message Agency
    Philadelphia, PA

  • 22.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 20 days ago
    Excited for my first NTEN!

    MobilizeAmerica is where folks go to volunteer, and is how organizations and campaigns organize their supporters.

    In the 2018, leading organizations and campaigns posted hundreds of thousands of events and online actions. More than 400,000 volunteers used MobilizeAmerica to sign up for nearly a million volunteer shifts.

    Activists have never been more fired up. Do you have the tools you need to harness that energy?

    Learn more at mobilizeamerica.io. MobilizeAmerica's battle-tested tools have been called 'the ActBlue for volunteers'. Drive your conversion rates up. Automatically confirm your volunteers. Easily collaborate with your allies. And, don't worry: Mobilize already integrates with your existing organizing and digital tools.

    We're in booth 109. Come find us!

    Matt Hirschy
    New York, NY

  • 23.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 19 days ago
    Edited by Laura Bucher 18 days ago
    Hey friends of NTEN! I'm Laura Bucher, a copywriter for DonorPerfect. This'll be my first time at NTEN - and my first time in Portland! I love the show, Portlandia, so I expect my experience there to embody the day-to-day lives of Fred and Carrie ๐Ÿ˜›.

    So about DonorPerfectโ€ฆ I'd like to think of us like Rocky Balboa. We're a 100% employee-owned company that has become a decorated champion in fundraising software. We go the distance for our nonprofit clients, always improving based on their feedback. No smoke and mirrors here, just dedication to the nonprofit community. Plus, we're located in the Philadelphia region! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Swing by booth #608 to come say "hi!"

    See you there!

    Laura Bucher
    Marketing Copywriter
    DonorPerfect Fundraising Software
    Fort Washington, PA

  • 24.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago

    I'm Leigh Kessler, the VP of Marketing at CharityEngine.

    Our Nonprofit CRM and technology solution givesย fundraisers
    the power of Big Org Software -
    online & offline donor management, CRM, forms, marketing automation and more -
    without the Big Org Price.

    And we are excited to be back for our 6th NTC!

    If you're asking why CharityEngine should be on your Agenda for NTC19,
    here's the Top 5 Reasons

    #5. You're ISO a new CRM for your entire fundraising operation
    #4. You're ISO a new eCRM for online fundraising to integrate with your Database
    #3. Your big challenge is around monthly giving/sustainer/membership management
    #2. Your big challenge is around data integration and workflow automation.
    #1. Because you want to thank us for sponsoring the NTC19 Water Bottles.

    Now, these are just the Top 5 Reasons! There's still about 1000 other ones! Stop by booth 121

    If you are all about the CRM, then come see me, along with Isaac Shalev from Sage 70, our client/partner John Coogan from The Folded Flag Foundation, and Matt Thompson from EveryAction inย The Right Fit: Vendor-Client Relationships from Marketing to Sales to Success
    Weds, March 13 - 3:15pmย ย #19NTCrightfit


    Leigh Kessler
    VP of Marketing
    McLean, VA

  • 25.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Allison Manley 18 days ago
    Kanopi Studios is so excited to be back at NTC again this year! It's one of our favorite conferences because we love seeing how nonprofits are using technology to further their critical missions. It's my first time at NTC, but Kanopi has been attending this one for a long while due to our long history with nonprofits, and my boss tells me I'm going to love it. :)

    WHAT WE DO: Kanopi designs, builds and supports websites for clients that want to make a positive impact. We use Drupal and WordPress to do it.

    SWAG: We've madeย a Spotify list for all the NTC people so you can listen to great Portland bandsย on your way to the conference. It keeps our feet dancing and our environmental footprint low. But we will have some stickers too. :)

    BOOTH 316: We'll be at booth #316 if you want to say hello and tell us which song was your favorite! (mine is anything from Pink Martini).

    SESSIONS: we're doing four different sessions on Tuesday's pre-conference day (ranging from auditing your site, inclusive content strategy, how to write a good RFP, and how to stalk users without being creepy), and then a session on Thursday at 10:30 on how to evaluate the right CMS for your organization. All our sessions are consolidated here.ย We'd love to see you at one of our sessions, since we have a lot of expertise on creating websites to share.

    See you there!ย 

    Allison Manley
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Kanopi Studios
    Chicago, IL

  • 26.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago
    Very cool!ย  I just downloaded the playlist.ย  Thank you!

    Dallas Romanowski
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Performance Culture, Inc.
    Wilmington, NC

  • 27.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hi Everyone! The Anne Lewis Strategies and Infogroup teams are so excited to be back at NTC this year! We'll be speaking about peer-to-peer fundraising with our partners at Sandy Hook Promise at 10:30am on Wednesday in room D136:ย Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers: You're Getting Money for Free - But What Now?

    You can also stop by our booth (#209, right next to the photo booth!) to chat and learn more about what we do. At Infogroup, we provide big data and marketing solutions to drive businesses forward. Our subsidiary, Anne Lewis Strategies, is a full-service digital agency that's serving political and nonprofit clients at the top of the game.

    And bonus, we're having an open house with Mercy Corps on Wednesday evening! Email adva@annelewisllc.com for an invite.

    Come stop by, we'd love to chat! Looking forward to meeting you all and to a great conference!

    Adva Priso
    Vice President, Anne Lewis Strategies, an Infogroup Company
    Washington, DC

  • 28.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago

    Hi everyone. My name is JP and I lead nonprofit partnerships at Phone2Action. This is my second NTEN and am so excited to head to Portland!

    WHAT WE DO:ย Phone2Action provides technology to help organizations acquire new supporters, nurture their lists via email, text, and social broadcasting, and influence legislation with online advocacy capabilities.

    SWAG: Special prize giveaways. Too good to announce here, I swear.

    BOOTH:ย We'll be atย booth #179/129.

    SESSIONS: Our CEO will presenting: How Tech like Chat, Social, and AI are Enabling Nonprofit Advocacy

    See you there!ย 

    JP Peterson
    Account Executive
    Washington, DC

  • 29.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 17 days ago
    Nice job promoting. I just added your Sandy Hook Promise session to my agenda.

    Tim Shores
    Platform Analyst
    Hadley, MA

  • 30.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hi folks, this is coming up to my 7th NTC, which is pretty wild.

    I'm with Neon One, we'll be at Booth 318/320 this year.ย Neon One is a powerful technology ecosystem fueling mission-driven organizations to build capacity with software and services designed for social impact.

    We provide this through three primary platforms right now - NeonCRM, Rallybound, and CiviCore. If you're looking for fundraising, donor management, and program management solutions then we have you covered.

    I personally oversee our partner program for software integrations, consultants, and institutional partners. We're proud to have one of the best channel programs in the industry for partners and I'd love to chat to folks interested in joining in the Neon One ecosystem through one of our nonprofit focused certification programs.

    I'm heading up the Craft Beer Birds of a Feather session, so stop by and say hello to me there too!

    Tim Sarrantonio
    Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Neon One

  • 31.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 17 days ago

    Meet GiveGab! ย We are so excited to be part of this year's conference!

    Our Mission: ย To make it easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs!

    GiveGab is the Nonprofit Giving Platform, providing a quick and easy way for fundraising professionals to raise donations online. Designed for cause-based organizations, community foundations, higher education institutions, and public media outlets, we offer a complete suite of products and services that have helped over 35,000 nonprofits raise more than $1.5 billion through everyday giving, campaigns, events, Giving Days, and more. ย ย ย ย 

    Looking for a custom solution? ย We also offer a platform designed for organizations looking for flexibility and seamless integration into their own website.

    Customer Love is what Drives us: - We're not just a platform; we're a group of passionate people who work as an extension of our customers' teams to help them be successful at their jobs. ย We are motivated by the desire to help our customers be great at their jobs, make their lives easier, and to really hear and care about.

    We Walk the Walk - we go into the trenches to understand what it means to be a part of an organization, making us passionate fundraisers, donors, volunteers, and advocates for the causes we love. ย ย 

    Visit our booth (#700) to enter our raffle to win a Giving Day for your organization! ย Our Giving Days are launched by hundreds of philanthropic partners across the country.

    Stop by to say hello and to learn more about what GiveGab can do to help you surpass your annual fundraising goals.

    Fun Facts:

    • Over 35,000 organizations ย ย 
    • 37% average growth rate for repeat Giving Days
    • 108 Giving Days in 48 states
    • 30,394 Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers engaged

    We can't wait to see you there!

    Lisa Krueger
    Sr. Director, Philanthropic Solutions
    Ithaca, NY

  • 32.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hey there! We're VSG Marketing. A full-service marketing agency providing creative, technology & fulfillment solutions coming from the Greater Seattle/Tacoma Area.
    We love partnering with nonprofits all over the country, and are so pumped to be at our very first NTC!

    We may be biased, but we love the PNW and think you'll have an amazing time in Portland. (Pro tips: don't leave without going to Powell's Books, Blue Star is actually better than Voodoo Donuts & leave your umbrellas at home! We only wear rain jackets in these parts andย umbrellas are how we spot the tourists ๐Ÿ˜Ž)

    Throughout NTC we'll have demos of our brand management platform (Suitespace), Q+As on how to solve your marketing pain points, and you can hear first-hand from some of our nonprofit clients on how they have been able to drive their mission forward through VSG's solutions.

    Whether you need help solving marketing pain points or just want some new friends to grab a coffee or craft beer with, come see us at Booth #616.

    We can't wait to meet you!

    Alex, Doug + Katie
    thumbnail image

    ย  ย 

    ย  ย ย 

    Alex Devine
    Marketing Director
    VSG Marketing
    Tacoma, WA

  • 33.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 16 days ago

    Hey everyone!

    I'm Augustus, the CEO of CallHub.

    We're a multichannel engagement platform, helping nonprofits such as Sierra Club and Human Rights Campaign meet their communication goals.ย 

    Through a cohesive mix of emails, phone calls, peer-to-peer texting, SMS broadcast, and voice broadcasting software, CallHub makes personalized communication scalable for nonprofits and advocacy groups.

    We're here to provide expert guidance to nonprofits who're looking to build meaningful relationships with donors through multichannel engagement that isn't solely confined to email.

    If you think, "Hey, we want in!", please drop by at booths 427 and 429 to hear more and talk to us!

    Augustus Diraviam
    Founder & CEO, CallHub
    Walnut, CA

  • 34.  RE: ๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ†

    Posted 16 days ago
    Hey everyone! We're Forum One,ย a full-service digital communications agencies that works exclusively with mission-driven organizations.

    We are excited to be participating yet again in NTC and weย would love to connect with you while we're there!

    We will be at Booth 509 & 511 in the Exhibition Hall. You can also find us at our two sessions and our Happy Hour on Wednesday:

    We can't wait to be in Portland with you in just a few short days! See you there!

    Kassandra Swenson
    Forum One
    Washington, DC