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Digital Advertising Connect - notes

  • 1.  Digital Advertising Connect - notes

    Posted Mar 29, 2019 10:56
    Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Digital Advertising Connect session! It was great to hear your burning questions and use the brainpower in the room to crowdsource answers. Notes are here. Feel free to add your thoughts if there's anything I missed.

    If you couldn't be in the room where it happened, here's what we talked about:
    • How to know if an ad is "good"?
    • How to do budgeting: by campaign, monthly, by channel?
    • Tools for integrating reports across channels
    • What's the best way to report ROI to executives?
    • Working with ad agencies: who "owns" your account?
    • Alternative channels: What's working that's NOT Facebook or Google/search? What are some creative channels for better content reach?

    Judy Freed
    Senior Marketing Manager, Alliance for the Great Lakes
    Co-Organizer, NTEN Digital Advertising Community
    Chicago, Illinois
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