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🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

  • 1.  🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

    Posted Dec 21, 2018 14:17
    Hi Everyone!

    One of the things that Portland is known for are the food carts. If you come to Portland you NEED to eat at a food cart!

    FoodCartsPortland.com puts it best - 
    "Set up in parking lots, sidewalks, and even parks (sometimes in large groups and sometimes solo), one might nosh on a fresh tortilla Baja fish taco one day, a rib-sticking bowl of traditional goulash the next, have a coffee and pastry for an afternoon snack, and then take home a giant Indian combo box for dinner."

    The map below highlights a FEW of the city's Food Cart Clusters that are home to Portland's 600+ food carts (It changes; they're on wheels). The pods I chose were based on downtown locations and proximity to the Convention Center. Find links to some of the food cart pods below the map! If any locals find their way onto this thread, please feel free to suggest your own food cart favorite. My personal favorite is the Asada Torta at Más Sabor located in the Alder Street Food Cart Pod.

    Additionally, there is a website dedicated to Portland Food Carts, however it may not be the most up to date; BUT it is a great place to start!

    Happy Eating, Y'all - See you at #19NTC
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    Tristan Penn (pronouns: he/him)
    Community Engagement Manager, NTEN
    nten.org | @NTENorg

  • 2.  RE: 🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

    Posted Jan 03, 2019 17:07
    It has been a while since I was in Portland.  The food trucks make me face the delima of getting to the opening sessions or stopping for a snack, or a second snack.


    Jim Freer
    Sooke Family Resource Society
    Sooke, BC

  • 3.  RE: 🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

    Posted Feb 18, 2019 14:13
    Do food trucks not set up at the convention center?

    Jason Weaver
    Abilene, TX

  • 4.  RE: 🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

    Posted Feb 19, 2019 11:42
    Hi Jason! Portland has very few food 'trucks' that move from place to place (and most of those are used just for special events like festivals or private parties, not on the street). We have food carts that are parked/located off-street, usually in a parking lot where they pay rent. We call them food cart pods. There are often tables (sometimes covered), maybe a beer cart for beverages, and some even have restrooms. They are great outdoor food gathering spots. See Portland's 10 destination food cart pods

    Jane Ribadeneyra
    Program Analyst
    Legal Services Corporation
    Washington DC

  • 5.  RE: 🌯 Portland Food Trucks 🍛

    Posted Feb 20, 2019 15:34
    Thanks @Jane Ribadeneyra! I think I get it now.​

    Jason Weaver
    Abilene, TX