2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference NTC

👋🏾All good things must come to an end😭

  • 1.  👋🏾All good things must come to an end😭

    Posted Apr 11, 2019 17:45
    Edited by Tristan Penn Apr 11, 2019 17:54

    Hi Everyone!

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    Just a reminder that this forum will close on Monday, April 15th (In 4 days).

    It has been SO ENJOYABLE meeting, interacting, helping, and being goofy (see: my bitmoji) with you all! This forum was awesome!

    I'm already looking forward to #20NTC's Community Forum!

    As a reminder, this DOES NOT have to be the end for your NTEN interactions. Please see below for how you can stay connected with NTEN year round!

    • Reach out to all of those folks you connected with and swapped information with while in Portland. Circle back and collaborate!
    • Tune Up. You've learned so much and taken back home some great tips/tricks/information. Next, you should know where your organization is starting from so you can effectively implement all that great knowledge! Use our FREE improved benchmarking tool - Tech Accelerate - to assess your current use and policies across four categories: leadership, organization, infrastructure, and fundraising and communications. 
    • Jump in on the Collaborative Notes for any of the sessions you attended (or missed)!
    • Get involved with and join one (or as many as you like) of the online communities that the NTEN Community has to offer. These communities are vibrant and very responsive to any questions or thoughts pertinent to the community topic.
    • Show some love! Use the hashtags #NTEN and #19NTC on social media! (I follow those tags on Instagram, I'd love to see more! Follow me! - @tmp729).
    • Make note that the #19NTC forum AND the #19NTC App will close on April 15. In the forum, make sure that you've extended a request (see below) to any folks who you may want to stay connected with on the online community forums. In the app, make sure you've saved all the great photos in the feed and traded contact info with folks you've connected with.
    • Find a local Tech Club near you! There are lots of great local tech clubs and events that may be happening near you.
    • Find an upcoming course that fits your professional development journey; they cover a variety of topics: Digital Inclusion, IT, Fundraising, Leadership, Marketing & Communications, and Program. Check them out here.
    • Spread the word to your network that NTEN is hiring for a Marketing & Membership Director
    • Mark your Calendar for #20NTC in Baltimore! March 24-26, 2020. Sign up for all #20NTC updates (Session Proposals, Early Bird Registration, etc.)

    I am so pumped to see you jump into the community, generate some rocking ideas, ask great questions, and start some awesome collaboration; I hope to see you online!

    As always, it is my pleasure to be of service to you! Reach out should you need anything!


    - Tristan


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