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#19NTC CrossFit?

  • 1.  #19NTC CrossFit?

    Posted Feb 22, 2019 14:11
    Admittedly this is the height of ambition, and #NTCBeer may totally take the wind out of my sails, but is anybody interested in 6:00 AM (UGH I know) CrossFit? I was eyeing CrossFit Pearl (close to the venue) or CrossFit Portland (the original) as potential places to go. If it was a collective effort, I might have a little more gumption before the sun rises on the Rose City.
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  • 2.  RE: #19NTC CrossFit?

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 12:52
    Hey Elliott!

    I could be convinced to go to the 6am at CrossFit Portland. Let me know if you're still interested! :)

    Kassandra Swenson
    Forum One
    Washington, DC

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  • 3.  RE: #19NTC CrossFit?

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 13:38
    Sounds great! I've caught a cold, but I'm going to go for it tomorrow. My current plan is to get there around 5:50 to check in etc. I'll see you there... hopefully it isn't a chipper.

    Elliott Bent
    Communications Director, Institute For Sustainable Communities
    Institute For Sustainable Communities
    Montpelier, VT

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