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    Posted Mar 22, 2019 10:28
    If you've posted your 19NTC takeaways online and would like to share, would you post a link on this thread? I've seen a couple posts from exhibitors or vendors and, as I'm digesting the conference and formulating my own takeaways, I'm curious to hear yours . Here is not the space for complete articles, but if you've got something or seen something, drop in the url!

    Karen Borchgrevink
    Taproot Foundation
    Los Angeles CA
    Nonprofit Tech Clubs

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    Posted Mar 23, 2019 10:29
    What a NTC!!!

    I had such a blast doing research for Harvard's Digital HKS center at NTC. I entered the conference unsure of whether my investigation into Public Interest Technology would yield many results.

    Upon reflection, the NTC community is very much at the heart of thinking about how to use tech to solve public interest issues. I'm still collecting my thoughts and your stories!! Please help me by joining the dozens of folks who have taken the survey linked to here.

    Your insights will help members of the New America Public Interest Technology University Network develop curriculum and programming tailored to students eager to use tech for good.

    Thanks in advance!!

    I should also add that as a native Portlander, I hope everyone enjoyed their time in the Rose City. Please let me know if there was anything you particularly enjoyed about the city as well as where you think there is room for improvement.

    Kevin Frazier
    Research Assistant
    Digital HKS (Harvard Kennedy School)
    Tualatin, OR

    Nonprofit Tech Clubs

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    Posted Mar 25, 2019 17:32
    Hi Karen, it was great to meet you at NTC!

    We posted a couple of takeaways here - https://themodernnonprofit.com/2019-ntc-takeaways/

    We still have so many juicy notes to go through, I'm sure we'll be posting more in the coming months, just TOO good not to keep sharing year-round!

    Darya Gorlova
    Director of Client Experience
    Oakland, CA

    Nonprofit Tech Clubs