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Marketing Department Sizes

  • 1.  Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 27, 2019 15:00
    Hi All!
    We've had some internal discussions around marketing department sizes and positions at human service agencies -- I'm intrigued!
    Can we get a poll going of how many people are in your marketing department, positions, and how many employees they serve at the agency?

    At my agency, there are two marketing people:
    -creative director
    -marketing coordinator
    -serving 120 employees

    Who's next?!

    Alexandra Whipple
    Creative Director
    JFCS of the Suncoast
    Sarasota, FL
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  • 2.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 28, 2019 06:49
    That's interesting... I'm curious to know too. At VentureWell we have about 60 staff. Our Marketing and Communications bench is five deep, plus one or two student  for a semester at a time.

    1 director
    2 officers
    1 associate
    1 assistant

    Tim Shores
    Platform Analyst
    Hadley, MA

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  • 3.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 28, 2019 08:29
    Edited by Karen Bray Mar 28, 2019 08:29
    We're a department of three: marketing/communications director, graphic designer, and communications specialist (aka writer/social media/website). We support three internal departments, three internal agencies, and two external agencies. The level of support varies for the internal and external agencies, but we're all in for the internal departments plus other random stuff that comes our way.

    Karen Bray
    Director of Marketing & Communications
    Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey
    Cherry Hill, NJ

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  • 4.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 28, 2019 09:06
    We have about 1200 employees, in total spread out across multiple organizations - all U.S. based. 10 Markets or so.
    Our Marketing team includes about
    • 1 CMO
    • 1 VP
    • 3 Sr Directors
    • 4 Directors
    • 3 Associate Directors
    • 6 Specialists
    • 1 Exec Admin

    We also use outsourced support for PR, some web development/maintenance, content writing & production. We typically also have a couple of Interns (paid, of course...)

    John Harrison
    Associate Director, Digital Engagement
    Enterprise Community Partners
    Richmond, VA

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  • 5.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 28, 2019 09:11
    Our Marketing Department is also the communications, special events and development department.

    The department has two full time staff and one VISTA (not consistent)
    • VP, Development
    • Marketing and Communications Manager
    Our agency has 14 programs/services (and growing) and about 175 staff.

    Julia Steffen
    Marketing and Communications Manager
    The Arc Jacksonville
    Jacksonville, FL

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  • 6.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 29, 2019 15:26
    Our organization has about 200 staff, mostly in the warehouse/operations since we are a food bank. In our Marketing/Communications department, we currently have 7 staff and are in the process of hiring an 8th:

    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
    • 1 Senior PR Manager and 1 PR Specialist
    • Director of Cause Marketing
    • Marketing Manager of Food Drives
    • Senior Manager of Marketing 
    • Marketing Specialist (currently in the hiring process)

    Erin Watson
    Digital Media Manager
    Greater Chicago Food Depository
    Chicago, IL

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  • 7.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 30, 2019 08:52
    My last job was at a human services nonprofit, where marketing/communications was:

    -Communications Director (me)
    -Lutheran Volunteer Corps volunteer, 4 days a week, 10 months a year

    Serving 250 staff at the org and 5 sponsored orgs
    Org had 19 programs at 40 locations

    Rebecca Klug
    Delaware Community Foundation
    Wilmington, DE

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  • 8.  RE: Marketing Department Sizes

    Posted Mar 31, 2019 12:19
    As part of the organizational development, structuring and staffing consulting we do, we will conduct benchmarking studies to help organizations compare their staffing structures and investment in staff with their peers. A Jewish Federation and a Jewish Family and Child Services organization are quite different, organizationally speaking, for example, - so you want to make sure you identify meaningful comps. Some organizations engage in a lot more marketing than others and the resources allocated will vary widely. A benchmarking study is an affordable and relatively quick way to learn a lot about how others tackle similar challenges, and it's a great resource if you're trying to realign your internal staffing.

    Isaac Shalev
    Stamford CT

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