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Direct marketing and event management software for health non-profit

  • 1.  Direct marketing and event management software for health non-profit

    Posted 9 days ago

    Our health non-profit organization is looking into new tools for the following functions:
    • Direct marketing (email and donation campaigns)
    • Special events (galas, etc.)
    • Donor management integrated with The Raiser's Edge
    We began the search primarily for special events, however, as the search evolved we realized that there are tools that handle all of the items listed above and more - which got us thinking about an all-in-one solution. Currently, these are the products we are using:
    • The Raiser's Edge - donor management
    • Luminate Online/Convio - direct marketing, email, online donation forms
    • Classy - special events
    For various reasons our current mix of technology does not meet our requirements, particularly in the special events area. We would like a customizable solution with robust reporting, branding, and other controls. In our search, we have narrowed it down to the following products, and I was hoping to receive feedback from the community on what people may like or dislike about these solutions - or specific experience with them. Your comments are greatly appreciated!

    • SalsaEngage
    • EveryAction
    • RegFox
    • Qgiv
    • Cvent
    • EventBrite

    Samantha Reeves
    National Jewish Health
    Denver, CO

  • 2.  RE: Direct marketing and event management software for health non-profit

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Samantha,

    I'd throw Engaging Networks in the ring as well. We were close to signing with Salsa back in 2015 but Engaging Networks really impressed us.When we switched, we had come from a rather clunky donation platform we built in-house but needed for the customization and branding. EN has suited us well in those areas without the stress of upkeep and security risks. We use them for advocacy, email marketing, events, P2P, and as part of our donor database.

    I'd be happy to chat here or offline if you have any questions.


    Joe Hallissey
    Associate Director - Digital Marketing
    Mercy Home for Boys & Girls
    Chicago, IL

  • 3.  RE: Direct marketing and event management software for health non-profit

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi Samantha,

    There's one major requirement you've laid out that is going to constrict your choices and raise your costs substantially, which is RE integration. RE doesn't really have native integration capacities or open APIs to work with. Instead, you'll either have to pay BB for back-end data services, or use Omatic or Frakture to build automated imports and exports. This is why Luminate ends up being a popular option, even though it has many warts.

    If you are committed to RE, Engaging Networks could be a good choice, as they've done work to bridge those systems. I don't believe, based on your presentation, that EventBrite of Qgiv will have a robust enough offering for you.

    But what I'd really encourage you to do is view your situation holistically, and perhaps consider moving from RE. You don't have to decide to make the move, but widening the lens of your assessment to include the possibility could be illuminating.

    I do a lot of work in this area, and I invite you to reach out if you'd like a no-obligation consultation.

    Isaac Shalev
    Stamford CT

  • 4.  RE: Direct marketing and event management software for health non-profit

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi Samantha,

    We use EveryAction for digital communications/fundraising and as one of the main people using its reporting features, I can say that on the whole I am happy with them. We used Salsa when I first started and the reporting in EveryAction is much better: More out-of-the-box reporting options, more robust tracking features, easier data export features, and so forth.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search!

    Beth Hallowell
    Communications Research Director
    American Friends Service Committee
    Philadelphia, PA