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A group for those in nonprofit IT decision-making roles to connect with peers and share best practices.
This Technology Decision Makers group is for nonprofit IT or MIS Directors/Managers as well as CIOs and CTOs to connect with their peers and share best practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: hardware and software management, product reviews, emerging technology, best practices, collaborating effectively with other departments, and management conundrums. Membership is restricted to IT staff at nonprofit organizations.

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Topic: 18NTC session topic suggestions

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1.  18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 10 days ago
Hey all,

The 18NTC session selection committee just wrapped up a kickoff meeting and our first assignment is to come up with a list of suggested session topics. Suggested topics will be reviewed and consolidated into a short list to help guide the call for session proposals when that opens up.

Because my assigned category is IT and this group has such a depth of wisdom in that area, I'd like to solicit your topic suggestions to add to this endeavor. Is there anything you'd really like to see presented at the NTC (whether it's something you can present on or you'd like to see covered by someone else)? Please shout it out (metaphorically, like don't actually shout it out because I won't hear you and it might startle your coworkers) and I'll put your suggestions forth to the committee.

The deadline for topic suggestions is June 29th (two weeks from today)

Please identify your top suggestions for session topics in this particular category
Target Audience: Both those that have formal roles around IT within their organization and those who assume the responsibilities but may have different roles

Helpful Reminders (guidelines)
Tool Agnostic Requirement: All NTEN educational content is tool agnostic. This is not to say specific tools can not be shared in a session, just that the focus can not just be on one. So for session this means a suggested session topic should not focus on one specific tool either.

Related Topics: With 110+ overall sessions and 17+ concurrent sessions it is fine to have related topics with a different focus (intro vs advanced, small vs large, etc). So when making your suggestions feel free to imply some of those differences in related topics if that feel appropriate.

Jason Samuels
IT Operations Manager
American Craft Council
Minneapolis, MN

2.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 10 days ago
Currently on my mind...
  1. Machine Learning in real life - Case Studies of organizations making effective use of machine learning for their work.
    1. Tech Impact did a nice webinar recently. 
  2. Blockchain for newbies - Understanding how blockchain works and its potential implications for nonprofits
  3. Blockchain in real life - Case Studies of organizations using blockchain in meaningful capacities
  4. VR for nonprofits - Case Studies of nonprofits using VR in meaningful capacities 
    1. Example
  5. Sustainable Cybersecurity - how to maintain reasonable cybersecurity practices on a budget and ongoing
  6. Data Culture - how to help the culture of your organization embrace and leverage data at all levels

Joshua Peskay
Vice President
RoundTable Technology

3.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 5 days ago
When and what to outsource seems to come up an awful lot.

Colin Boyle
IT Director
Manatee Community Action Agency
Bradenton, FL

4.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 10 days ago

Hi Jason,

One thought is that the recent discussion of o365 vs google could be helpful to many people. I'm not sure if this contradicts the tool agnostic requirement though...


Another good topic could be around the differences in budgeting a Saas/hosted solution versus a self-hosted solution. These pricing models are fairly different and people often don't know all the pieces involved and how to compare at the end of the day which one is a better fit for them.




Martin Hansen
Team Lead, Web Services
519.725.7875 x2120 | 888.817.3048

PeaceWorks™ Technology Solutions
101 - 554 Parkside Drive,
Waterloo ON  N2L 5Z4


Mission driven technology solutions

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5.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 10 days ago
Josh, Martin, these are great and have been recorded. Thanks!

Everyone else, keep the ideas coming.

Jason Samuels
Minneapolis, MN

6.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 7 days ago
I definitely want to echo what Joshua said about machine learning.... would love to know what nonprofits are doing with it now and looking to do with it in the not-too-distant future.

I'm also interested in a deeper dive in how associations and nonprofits are leveraging the power of their CRM solutions to accomplish things their organization has never done before.

Emilio Arocho
Director, Technology and Digital Strategy
Food and Drug Law Institute

7.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 6 days ago
Thanks Emilio, your suggestions have been recorded.

Jason Samuels
Minneapolis, MN

8.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 2 days ago
Hi Jason,

Ack! I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about next year's sessions...

We get a lot of questions and requests from our nonprofit clients in these areas:
  1. Peer-to-peer
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Mobile optimization and strategy
  4. Personal logins for supporters to manage their action and donation history and contact details
  5. Data integrations for multi-country and/or national chapters of organizations
Hope this helps!

Maureen McGregor
Director of Marketing
Engaging Networks
Washington, DC

9.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 6 hours ago
We're going to be doing an internal training at RoundTable and curious as to how much appeal this might have for the NTC crowd.

(pain-in-the-a** project management)

We'd cover many of the problems that can turn projects into PITAs.

Instead of presentation style, this would be much more interactive, with role-playing and modeling for handling difficult conversations. Among the project management problems we might cover would be...

Scope Creep
Underbid projects
Stakeholder sandwiches
Neverending projects
Gold Plating

The PITA stakeholder
Overextended resource(s)

Interest level? High/Medium/Low?

Joshua Peskay
Vice President
RoundTable Technology

10.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 5 hours ago

High interest for NTC!


Tom Anderson

CEO, IT4Causes




11.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 5 hours ago
Fine band names, every one. I'd pay to see a double bill with "Churn" and "The Stakeholder Sandwiches". ;-)

I'd also attend your webinar. You might add "unaccountable vendors" and "Executives who have no time for Agile"

Peter Campbell
Legal Services Corporation
Washington DC

12.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 2 hours ago
Thanks Maureen and Josh, your suggestions have been recorded. And for what it's worth Peter, I'm pretty sure that The PITA Stakeholder was Har Mar Superstar's original stage name.

I hope you'll consider proposing sessions along lines when submissions open up next month. As a reminder, what's happening at the moment is collecting topics of interest for NTEN staff to synthesize into a list of suggested topics in the call for session proposals. Your feedback right now is helping shape the recommended topics that we seek sessions on and subsequently help guide session selection.Topic suggestions close this Thursday, so if there are any more don't hold back.

Jason Samuels
IT Operations Manager
American Craft Council
Minneapolis, MN

13.  RE: 18NTC session topic suggestions

Posted 2 hours ago

I'll add a vote for Machine Learning and AI opportunities in general. I have a client exploring ways to utilize it in rebuilding their volunteer website with a better experiential journey. I'd love to learn how nonprofits are using this to create more personalized experiences - digitally or otherwise.

Thanks for asking


Beth Brodovsky
Iris Creative
Fort Washington, PA