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Operations Cookbook update

  • 1.  Operations Cookbook update

    Posted Jan 13, 2020 16:32
    Hello ProgEx--

    You may remember that a long time ago I made some announcements on this list about the Operations Cookbook Initiative, an undertaking to build a community of operations practitioners that can come together to compile a cookbook of various operations practices from across the nonprofit community; this group will document them, peer review them, and make them freely available. I want to give you an update. A team of us (Ken Montenegro, Josh Black, Rachel Kahn, and Lisa Jervis) spent months formulating the best way to approach such a broad initiative and also how to ensure that it wouldn't become a one-time exercise that led to stale information. In the end, the process was more than what we could resolve with limited time and resources, so we have regretfully put the project aside.

    We still believe a cookbook initiative would yield great value to the nonprofit sector, but we feel the following elements would help such a project succeed:
    * Funding to pay someone to coordinate and wrangle content;
    * Time and funds to solicit and manage submissions;
    * Community interest and participation in a clear planning process to define the scope of the cookbook so that there are shared expectations (e.g. recipes about on-boarding workflows but not general HR policies or practices);
    * Funding to support contributors meeting and engaging in peer review;
    * Funding for long-term curation and maintenance;
    * Funding for infrastructure to ensure the cookbook is available long-term (e.g. web-hosting, CMS maintenance).

    We don't believe this initiative is dead: it is only on hiatus. We would be very interested in convening with the Ops Cookbook Community to figure out how we can remedy or mitigate the obstacles we encountered.

    If you are interested in reviving the project, please reach out! We would be thrilled to share the artifacts of our work for someone else to pick up.

    In the spirit of transparency and collaborative practices,
    Lisa Jervis
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