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Mobile POS credit card solution recommendation

  • 1.  Mobile POS credit card solution recommendation

    Posted May 15, 2018 08:46
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    Do you currently use a Mobile POS that you would recommend?  We are looking for a mobile point-of-sale solution for non-profits to process credit card transactions to raise funds, collect donor data, and sell goods and services.

    The use case we hope a Mobile POS solution would support is describe in the attached whitepaper and listed below.

    1. On site at an Event, staff uses a mobile app on an iPad and a Chip and Card Swipe Reader to capture a registration fee, donation, and/or items purchased transaction.
      1. During the chip, swipe, or keyed transaction, the staff would enter the customer info (like name, mailing address, city, state, zip, phone, email) into the mobile app and the items purchased info (like registration fee, donation, or items purchased)
      2. The mobile app would transfer the transaction details, including the captured customer info and items donated or purchased info, to the online web portal for later export and reference by other staff for backend revenue processing
    2. To load those mobile transactions into our main CRM revenue processing system, our revenue processing team needs the customer info collected in the mobile app (to connect transaction details and link to appropriate constituent, like the correct Robert Anderson) and the items purchased info (to connect transaction to the correct fund/account for fees, donations, or purchases)
      1. To view the transaction data and related customer info for the transaction, the staff Revenue Processor logs into online web portal and exports and/or views the transaction details with the connected customer info and items purchased info to use for backend revenue transaction processing.

    Some options we've tried, tested, or reviewed are listed below.  While Blackbaud MobilePay meets many of our requirements, except chip support, we currently are unable to pursue that option.






    Done - Excluded

    Converge Mobile



    Done - Excluded




    Done - Excluded




    Done - Excluded

    PayPal Here w\ Chip and Swipe Reader



    In Progress

    Universal Mobile Card-Reader



    Done - Excluded

    MX Merchant Express



    In Progress




    Done - Excluded




    Done - Excluded

    Credit Card Reader



    Done - Excluded

    mPOS Mobile App



    Not Started

    Inner Fence



    Done - Excluded

    App Ninjas



    In Progress

    Clover Go

    First Data - Associated Bank



    Berkley Guse
    Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association


  • 2.  RE: Mobile POS credit card solution recommendation

    Posted May 16, 2018 10:05
    Hi Berkely.
    I was about to reply and say that you should look no further than Square, but I see that you've already evaluated it and many other solutions and rejected them. Can you include some information about what some of those other solution lacked? What you're trying to do doesn't sound that difficult so I'm wondering if there's some specific requirement that is knocking out so many of the options you listed.

    Rob Foley
    IT Director - The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis

  • 3.  RE: Mobile POS credit card solution recommendation

    Posted May 16, 2018 11:43
    Thanks Rob.

    Square was initially used by WFAA, but was abandoned and replaced by Elavon Converge Mobile because Square could only connect to an individual, not an organizational, bank account and because of Square's insistence at the time on an individual's social security number to secure the account.  The Square offering appears to have matured since then.  See...
    ...so, we have started further conversations with Square.  At this time, Square has yet to confirm or demonstrate their solution can meet the requirements and use cases we have provided them.  The most recent response from Square about how Square can meet our needs is below...note no constituent postal address captured...
    "Our customer data will be able to track customer first name, last name, phone number, and email. You will need to go to customers and filter a timeframe to see what they purchased. You will be able to see all of your transactions by item. When you're doing these reports, you will be able to email them to yourself to move them to an excel file. "

    See also a comment from another Square user noting Square's inability to meet this need...
    • Is there a transaction report that will give me the contact information for the donor?
      • No, I need that information paired with their transaction information; dollar amount, date, tender type, etc. Importing this information into our CRM is currently a major headache because it's extremely difficult to match transaction information from sales reports in Square, with the contact information from customer reports. All of this information needs to be in one place
    On your "Can you include some information about what some of those other solution lacked?" question, the lack of chip support has excluded some and others have been excluded because they do not support the capture of both constituent info and item purchased info on keyed, swiped, and chipped transactions.


    Berkley Guse
    Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

  • 4.  RE: Mobile POS credit card solution recommendation

    Posted May 16, 2018 12:48
    Take a look at Stripe. They have a platform that integrates very well with websites for web payments and they partner with Donorbox, which I have just implemented at our site. They also handle international transactions.
    Stripe also lets you request a discount in the processing fees if your nonprofit has a tax exemption letter from the IRS.

    Ted Spencer
    Executive Director
    Voters Pledge