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Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

  • 1.  Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 10, 2019 16:11

    We are planning a type of "share your story" campaign that will include multiple ways for users to submit stories. One of the options will be to submit directly through a campaign landing page on our Drupal 7 website. The users will need to be able to submit short entries via form and bonus if they can upload something like an image. After the user submits, we would like a way for the  submission to go automatically public on that campaign page.

    Has anyone used this type of functionality on their site? Are there any solutions we could embed on our site for this type of single use. We also have a blog that could serve this purpose (sans image upload), but we were wondering if this could also be accomplished on our main site.


    Mario Oliveros
    Palo Alto, CA
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  • 2.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 10, 2019 16:30

    Hi Mario,

    We have a client for whom we are doing something similar and decide to use modules for comments to do this. We are using "better comments" module in D7. For us we wanted images to be shown in a gallery so we configured the display of 'comments' to show images not the text and formatted with 3 images in a row showing 9 images before paginating. But before the images shown  had to be approved by an admin or those with approval rights.


    But in your case you could just not have approvals. However, I would reconsider not having approvals. The internet is not kind with user generated comments that aren't moderated... so if you don't moderate before showing definitely plan to actively curate them.





    Jeffrey D. Herron, Partner / EVP Client Relations
    Beaconfire RED
    direct: 571.814.2202 | cell: 202.841.5931

    Jeff.herron@beaconfire-red.com | @jdherron


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  • 3.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 10, 2019 16:35
    Since it's Drupal you can probably create a content type for 'user story' or something along those lines. Then associate the user story nodes directly with the campaign node and/or use a taxonomy to display them. Or you could use the core Comments module, but that will give you limited flexibility in displaying the stories if you want to use them other ways in the future.

    = Ruby

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  • 4.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 10, 2019 17:27
    I agree with Ruby that this is nicely done with a Drupal content type. You can have fields for each piece of information you wish to collect,
    provide a wysiwyg editor with only the features you want them to use, and have a field for the image upload. You'll need to decide if you want the submitter to create a title, or if you will autotitle.

    I also agree with Jeff about his concern for not having approvals. Unless you will require some type of member login to participate, I suggest you keep the content unpublished until it can be reviewed. The bots are plentiful.

    Then you simply use a styled view to put the published content together on the page. Depending on the length you allow for the story, it may be a teaser and link, or the entire post. The titles may be important here, or not. You can use a taxonomy to identify the campaign. You've got choices and decisions to make, but all are doable in Drupal.


    Dori Kelner, MS
    Organizer, NTEN DMV Tech Club
    Managing Partner
    Sleight-of-Hand Studios
    Fairfax, VA

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  • 5.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 11, 2019 08:48

    To add to the other replies (yes, use a content type for this! and then a view to display in the appropriate location):

    • Permissions will be an important aspect, make sure after you create your content type that you check the permissions page to ensure the right roles can create, edit, etc. You may find the content_access module useful if the existing options aren't sufficient.
    • Similarly, you may want permissions at a field level. E.g. that the anonymous user can enter the title, body, and primary image, but not edit other fields (if you have them) such as status or category. The field_permissions module can do this.
    • Keep in mind that if a person submits something they won't be able to edit it after. So you may want to offer a path for this (even if it's just a way for them to email you).
    • Moderation can be good, but alternatively the recaptcha and honeypot modules can help with spam prevention. You can also use the rules module to email you when a new node is created, so that you are notified in case you reactively want to review and take down any problem submissions.


    Alternatively, if you simply want a form and display on a single given page, then drupal's comment functionality may be sufficient. Just turn on comments for the particular page and it will mostly give you the basic structure for this.


    If any more questions come up feel free to follow up. :)





    Martin Hansen
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  • 6.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 11, 2019 09:42
    Hi Mario! Hope all is well it's been a while!!!

    fully agree on having a way to moderate or control how this displays, just due to the nefarious nature of open content submission forms. We have a version of this to allow women founders to submit their story - it's a new content type.


    Note that this comes in as default "unpublished", and anonymous users are allowed to create their own submission.

    Someone looks at it before publishing.

    For the fields on the back-end, they are very basic
    and there's the Google captcha on new submissions, as an additional challenge against robots.

    Monica S. Flores
    Technical Project Manager
    Washington, DC

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  • 7.  RE: Discussion / Forms for Drupal landing page

    Posted Sep 13, 2019 15:53
    Jeff, Ruby, Dori, Martin, and Monica

    Thank you for these tips. Really helpful from technical POV, as well as an administrative one. Yes, I can see how leaving the form open to the web might invite some trouble, so we're rethinking of having that be automatic. Well of knowledge here that we'll probably be able to repurpose for other things we want to do now that we see how this done.

    Cheers all!


    Mario Oliveros
    Program Manager
    Palo Alto, CA

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