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A place for nonprofit WordPress developers and content managers of all skill levels.
The WordPress group is an engaged network of WordPress developers and content managers, for all skill levels, by WordPress users for WordPress users, to encourage the usage of and advocate for WordPress.

Our goal: to support nonprofit organizations using (or interested in using) WordPress. Additionally, this is a safe and friendly place for beginning WordPress developers and users to ask questions and connect to like-minded people.

Short link: http://community.nten.org/wordpress

Subject: Member Profile: YOU!

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1.  Member Profile: YOU!

Posted Feb 09, 2017 12:53
I figured it would be fun to take a bit of a detour and focus on everyone for a month! I know I can speak for Cindy and Jason, when I say that the group's strength is the array of interesting members we have all over the globe (<-- Link to that fun map from our survey).

Let's use some of my normal member profile questions to get to know each other! As you read, think about what interests you about this community and how you can participate more if that's something you're interested in.

Got new feedback? Feel free to send it straight to me through as a message here.


What's your job title and who do you work for?

Primarily, this is a forum of nonprofit staff using WordPress. There are also healthy numbers of for-profit and self-employed people. The best part is obviously that we're 100% interested in WordPress!

Pie chart showing employer of members. 61% nonprofit. 9% for-profit. 22% self-employed.
We also have pretty diverse interests! When not WordPressing, many members of this community are busy doing communications, community building, project management and IT. (We've even got a few Drupal users in our midst! Welcome!) Check out all the communities if you're interested in joining others.

Bar chart of NTEN online community membership of WordPress community members

How do you use WordPress these days? What type of WordPress user are you?

We are using WordPress in all sorts of ways! We are all across the spectrum blogging, administering, and developing websites. Presumably, we're all passionate about capacity building for the causes we care about.

Primary use of WordPress pie chart. 40% developer. 36% admin. 12% blogger.
And don't just think we're only doing this for a single site. Many of us have our fingers in many pies (wash your hands!):

Pie chart number of sites. 27% 1. 33% 2-5. 11% 6-10. 23% 10+.


What's your dream feature question for a future version of WordPress this forum?

Please remember to send Cindy your suggestions for Questions of the Month (either to leonard@rmu.edu or PM her in the forum)! This is your great chance to crowdsource answers to your burning WordPress problems.

We have interests in a lot of types of questions. Please take a moment to review them and get inspired to send questions to Cindy!

Bar chart of forum post types

The most popular forum post types:
  • Troubleshooting WordPress Problems (asking)
  • Discussing broader WordPress issues (plugin recommendations, pet peeves, strategic uses)
  • Discussing general nonprofit website issues (newsletters, online donations, etc.)
  • Showcases (share best example of X)
We'd really love to hear your suggestions for questions! Please let Cindy know!


What's your biggest [NTEN] WordPress [Community] pet peeve?

We had a few comments that I want share for transparency and because I bet many of you have thought them to yourself. I'll add a few ideas and comments in [].

  • "I want more participation from WordPress users, not just consultants talking shop."
    [Nonprofit staff: Every question I see posted gets answers. When you run into a WordPress problem, don't forget our awesome forum! Every question, no matter how basic, is a good question if it helps you learn about using WordPress!]
  • "Nothing except maybe reducing email overload"
    [You can go to the Community home page, click the "Settings" button and update your email settings!]
  • "More people actually using WordPress and giving assistance, less people fishing for business"
    [This is a great moment for people to review the Community Guidelines. We expect this forum to remain about discussion. If you ever have concerns about a post or poster, let us know. Us moderators are here to keep our conversations collaborative, fun, and on-topic.]
  • "I need to spend more time in the forum"
    [Great idea! I totally agree.]
  • "People just introducing themselves randomly"
    [We love for new members to introduce themselves in the Intros thread. Otherwise, we expect forum topics to stay on topic with the original post. If a post gives you a new thought or question, please start a new thread! The more conversations, the merrier!]
  • "In headline indicate what entry is about QUESTION:, RESOURCE, SURVEY: that way I can scan quickly what I'm reading- it's a content prompt"
    [This is a great idea! It's probably too hard for us to enforce a standardized format, BUT make sure your forum post titles clearly describe the topic of your post. These posts always start with Member Profile!]
  • "Some of us are not advanced users. Basics would be helpful."
    [This is a great reminder to everyone who answers questions. Avoid jargon and explain concepts you bring up. Custom Post Types? Explain that. functions.php? Explain that. Child theme? Explain that. For those of you who find a thread confusing, please speak up! We usually have posters falling over each other to be helpful and level up your WordPress knowledge!]


Thanks for reading! Remember to:

  • Send your Question of the Month ideas to Cindy.
  • Send me any feedback about this community you have. Feel free to share thoughts below if you prefer.
  • Introduce yourself if you haven't yet.
  • Post the forum when you've got a WordPress question, quibble, or qu...er...anything else :)

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

2.  RE: Member Profile: YOU!

Posted Feb 10, 2017 06:24
So we have people in both the WordPress and Drupal forums... where's my pitchfork? Burn the heretics! Make them extra toasty!

I wonder how different people's experience of using WordPress might be. You probably get wider technical experience and knowledge when you work on multiple sites, but I don't think you get the same satisfaction as when you improve and fine tune a single site over time.

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking