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This Technology Decision Makers group is for nonprofit IT or MIS Directors/Managers as well as CIOs and CTOs to connect with their peers and share best practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: hardware and software management, product reviews, emerging technology, best practices, collaborating effectively with other departments, and management conundrums. Membership is restricted to IT staff at nonprofit organizations.

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Subject: Nonprofit head of IT salary range

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1.  Nonprofit head of IT salary range

Posted 12 days ago
Is anyone willing to share the ballpark salary for your nonprofit head of IT? Or point me to resources where I can find data like that?

I reviewed the 10th Annual Technology Staffing and Investments Report ( but don't see what I'm looking for. 
Much appreciated!

Brian Rudolph
Executive Director of Technology Strategy and Development
PREMAC Wealth Management Services
Waukee, IA

2.  RE: Nonprofit head of IT salary range

Posted 11 days ago

Hi, Brian. has a decent salary estimator here. It allows you to account for geography and a few other variables. I couldn't find a way to limit it to nonprofit / ngo only, unfortunately.


Another resource that is nonprofit-specific is called the annual Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits. As you can tell from the title, it's specific to northern CA. But you can factor in our high cost of living to guestimate what it might be in other geographies. This report is discounted to organizations who participate / contribute data, and they have a sliding price scale based on your organization's budget size.






Brianna Swartz

Director, IT & Systems Operations

Education Pioneers

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Rainbow EP


3.  RE: Nonprofit head of IT salary range

Posted 10 days ago
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Attached is a PDF of salary ranges in the DC area for nonprofits from PnP Staffing Group.  I believe it is pretty accurate.

The position listings are very general of course, but at least broken out by the budget size of the organization.   You can see that Director of IT ranges from $80K to $160K or so.   You can find plenty of people being paid less at smaller organizations, and a few being paid more at large associations and other non-social-service nonprofits.


Dan Shenk-Evans
Director of IT
Capital Area Food Bank
Washington DC