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1.  Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 7 days ago

I'm helping another nonprofit with a project. I've thought of using a free CMS like Moodle which could handle everything - but maybe would be over complicated for their needs? Other thoughts from the wonderful NTEN hivemind?

The Amphibian Foundation is looking to create a quiz that their citizen scientists must pass that has the following criteria:
  1. The quiz program must allow user to take the test and then the program should grade the test and email the results to a designated person 
  2. Need to be able to have questions that are both visual (pictures of amphibians) as well as that have audio (frog call identification)
  3. The quiz program must allow for a question bank

Kai Williams
Executive Director
Eugene, OR

2.  RE: Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 7 days ago
Oooo. I'm interested in hearing what others suggest.

What about a Google Form with a script added in to auto-email responses? (ex. https://www.labnol.org/internet/auto-confirmation-emails/28386/) Is that too simple?

3.  RE: Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 5 days ago
I would suggest looking at tools designed for test taking.  This may help to give you a direction to start looking


TJ Warfield
Salesforce Technical Strategist
Data Geeks Lab / BrightStep Partners
San Francisco, CA

4.  RE: Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 4 days ago
If you are familiar with Wordpress at all, you might consider taking with the folks at Element. They are a Silver partner for the WooCommerce LMS plugin called Sensei and have extended the plugin beyond the 'out-of-the-box' capabilities. They have implemented small-scale and large scale implementations for organizations like I am Road Ready, Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife, and Texas Secretary of State. We also use them here at LIVESTRONG for our online Fertility Training for Healthcare Professionals.

If you're looking to do it yourself, the Sensei plugin isn't expensive nor is it difficult to get up and running.

Sean Ramsey
Director, Digital Solutions
Austin, TX

5.  RE: Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 3 days ago
Thanks for the ideas! @Bethany Lister I was thinking of Google Forms but I won't have the question bank. But I'm excited about that functionality you shared with the responses. IWRC can put that to use. And @Sean Ramsey I'm going to need to look into Sensei. We are a WP shop and just moved to WooCommerce. Unfortunately the other org we are working with is Joomla - but again, I think my org can use this info.

If anyone out there has Joomla favorites, let me know. I'm suggesting Moodle to them and providing these other ideas here as well!

Kai Williams
Executive Director
Eugene, OR

6.  RE: Citizen Science PreTest platform ideas

Posted 2 days ago
+1 for WordPress based solution. Similar to Sensie is LearnDash - another WP based LMS (WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash®). One of the challenges for anything off-the-shelf will be customization.

You can also create a stand alone custom WordPress quiz tool for the purpose. Based on what you are describing, Moodle or a WP based LMS is an overkill.


Amar Trivedi