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1.  Let's celebrate wins, with animated GIFs

Posted Feb 03, 2017 11:25

Hi everyone,

Let’s try out a variation of our weekly wins thread by expressing ourselves with animated GIFs. I'll go first!

That feeling when...I asked our fabulous NTEN volunteer ambassadors for feedback on some 17NTC programming I was working on and they gave the best, most thoughtful advice.

Soccer athlete is tearily addressing the crowd

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Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager
Nonprofit Technology Network

2.  RE: Let's celebrate wins, with animated GIFs

Posted Feb 03, 2017 15:13
Thanks Bethany!

My win is over a database quandary that was a very hard nut to crack. I wanted to pull data for a certain set of people, over a time period, who had taken a particular action. I thought I had the right query four or five times but the results kept coming up empty.

Then, earlier this week, I thought about it backwards. I realized that the way our database recorded the action was in a different field. Three quick clicks of my mouse and voilà - success! I was able to find the data I needed, use it to inform my work and immediately put some changes into action.

I love you, database. <3

Like this Powerpuff Girl, I'm holding my database near.

Lyndal Cairns
Membership and Engagement Director
Nonprofit Technology Network

3.  RE: Let's celebrate wins, with animated GIFs

Posted Feb 03, 2017 16:12
The reaction I had when I saw my name in the employee daily e-mail this week.  Employees started entering daily steps last week to reach a goal of walking 5,125 miles together.  I happened to enter step number one million.  


Emily Weinberg
Nonprofit Blogger
Full-Text Analyst, American Psychological Association