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1.  Article on Godaddy Expansion of WordPress services

Posted Sep 07, 2016 11:56

This is an interesting bit of news that came via email today:

My own mental gut reaction to this was: "gee, how about bolstering your hosting security too...that might actually make me want to use your services."  

It makes me a little sad, because I used to use Godaddy exclusively for years - good support, great prices, lots of tools - but in 18 years, the only three sites I've ever had hacked were all hosted there.

I use them for my personal blog, because if that gets hacked, well...I'll just deal with it.  It's not the same as an organization's site getting hacked.

Can anyone speak to the quality of Godaddy's security these days?  Anyone using and love them?  Anyone in the "not so much" corner?


Cindy Leonard
Consulting Team Leader
Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management
Pittsburgh, PA

2.  RE: Article on Godaddy Expansion of WordPress services

Posted Sep 08, 2016 05:13

Godaddy often have stalls at WordCamps these days, but I wonder why they bother.

I attended one where a speaker gave a talk on choosing quality hosting. His first word was "Godaddy". Cue audience laughter.

Clearly their acquisition of ManageWP is intended to make them look like a safer bet for WordPress, but the end result might be users abandoning the plugin.

Godaddy sites seem to get hacked more often. Page loading speeds can be slow, and TTFB (time to first byte) can be really poor. Not had much luck with support: they just tend to deny anything's their fault as a first response.

For hosting, I prefer Siteground or WP Engine.

For a multiple site managing tool, iThemes Sync.

Jason King
WordPress Web Developer

Twitter: @jasoncsking

3.  RE: Article on Godaddy Expansion of WordPress services

Posted Sep 08, 2016 05:57

Wow, this makes me sad - I actually liked ManageWP, I would not use anything that is under the GoDaddy umbrella and will not even work on websites that are hosted on GoDaddy because of all the past issues. I cannot imagine that anyone who is in the industry will see this as nothing more than a marketing play to continue to sell crappy un-secure services. 

Jill Caren
2 Dogs Media, LLC

4.  RE: Article on Godaddy Expansion of WordPress services

Posted Sep 08, 2016 13:01

I hosted my sites on GoDaddy for a few years and never really had any big problem with them, though I did wind up switching to Blue Host and then Siteground after a year on Blue Host (you'll have to pry Siteground from my cold dead hands....love them!). In any case, I think not having had hugely negative experiences with GoDaddy, I'm going to withhold judgment on the ManageWP move and keep using it to manage my sites for the time being. Will definitely keep my ear to the ground to see if anyone else is having problems, but I'm good for now.

Though I certainly don't blame anyone else for not wanting to use them based on negative experiences.

Andy Stitt
Founder and WordPress Consultant
Deliberate Media Solutions

5.  RE: Article on Godaddy Expansion of WordPress services

Posted Sep 13, 2016 14:34

I've used Manage WP for quite a while. Very helpful for auto back-ups and cloning sites.

I'm not thrilled that GoDaddy now owns them. Might be time to look for another solution.

Mark Hallman, Google Partner

Evergreen Digital Marketing


Twitter: @mark_hallman