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Subject: Using WordPress to provide opportunity for youth to learn & earn

1.  Using WordPress to provide opportunity for youth to learn & earn

Posted Aug 17, 2016 11:44

Hello all, I am glad I found this community on NTEN. I started building websites back in 1992 when ol skool HTML programming was all we had available. As technology evolved to the drag-n-drop era and platforms such as WordPress came into play, and even now as 'responsive sites are basically mandatory, I evolved too.

The notion that the Internet would become a game-changer, that led to increased income for all, has still evaded those living in neighborhoods long left behind. Now, businesses and organizations need a presence on the web and most owners and managers have no clue on how website development, SEO and even social media marketing works. I guess I am considered ahead of my times in the city I live. But what has become more aware to me is that our school system is inadequate in inciting tech knowledge, excitement and direct opportunity to youth; those who will be leading organizations & businesses of the future.

Just putting an iPad, Chromebook or laptop in the hands of young people is not good enough.

Now that I'm older, wiser and more knowledgeable on technology I am committed to reaching back and bringing our young people along with me. I still build sites for small businesses & nonprofits, but have shifted focus on making that presence valuable through SEO and social media marketing. Even more important is the efforts to provide youth the instruction to fill my shoes one day. To that end, the organization I founded in 1993 now instruct youth on web development and WordPress is our platform of choice. Used by over 25% of all websites; including Fortune 500 companies... there is no dispute that young people learning it will have job & entrepreneurial opportunities today; and in the future. 

Our programs run under the name Streets University, an initiative whereas we instruct on technology from web development to social media marketing and video production. The tools to work with today are far advanced than we had two decades ago. My knowledge of using WordPress, providing business development & support services and social media is above average, so I created a wrap-around model to inspire, instruct and compensate those youth, young adults and low-income parents on welfare that are willing to learn & earn. By using WordPress to aid our efforts in promoting small businesses & nonprofits, we have made high-valued gains in this area. I now have crews of young people knowledgeable in WordPress at the intermediate level and hope to grow more as I go along. Whether it's the desire to learn or earn, we all must find a way to help those secure skills that could someday bring them and their households out of poverty.

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Lazone Grays
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2.  RE: Using WordPress to provide opportunity for youth to learn & earn

Posted Aug 17, 2016 12:00
Hear, hear!  Very well stated...thanks for sharing your insights and welcome to the group!


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