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1.  We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 09, 2016 17:21


To the incredible and dynamic NTEN community and nonprofit sector,

We hear you.

We hear so many people from the community expressing fear, anticipation, anxiety, and even hope. Little of the emotions of today has to do with the man who is our next president. Instead, those feelings being posted on social media, email, and in private text messages are rooted in a reality that we cannot ignore now: We live in a deeply, troublingly divided country.

As we listen to so many of you today, we ask that each of us take time to intentionally listen to those around us – our friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors – regardless of the candidate they voted for. We do not address our divisions by hunkering down, talking only to those we know already share our beliefs, and planning for a future time of action. We address our divisions and create stronger ties by listening first, finding shared ground, and recommitting ourselves every day to the belief that we all do want a better America and to create it we all must take action every, single day.

We see you.

We see so many people in the nonprofit sector, in our local communities, in our service networks responding to the election result with the impulse to withdraw, to hide – some out of fear of what others will say to them because they support the elected candidate, some for fear of what could happen when campaign rhetoric turns into policies. We cannot offer solace but we can say that we see you, we appreciate you, we believe that we all want a better America and we commit to working with you to make it.

As we witness your reactions, we do not expect you all to stand bravely because for many in our communities there is still too much risk. Instead, we ask that for those of us who do not fear the impacts of the election on our own personal lives, for those of us with access to power and privilege, that we take a stand for the rest of our fellow Americans. Using your power to hold our elected officials, our communities, and ourselves accountable to the policies and principles that support a better America for every member of our community.

In times of celebration, in times of challenge, and in times of decision-making we turn to our values. As always, they offer both reminders and guideposts to direct our actions today and into the future:

We are practical dreamers. We are the community of nonprofit technology professionals. We are a stage and platform for you. We are accountable to you. We strive to be authentic and honest. We embrace change. We walk the talk. We believe that laughter, irreverence, fun, and a deep joy about what is possible are essential to our work.

We were a community yesterday. We are a community today. We will be a community tomorrow.

In your service and strength,

Amy Sample Ward and the team at NTEN

Amy Sample Ward
Nonprofit Technology Network
Portland, OR

2.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 08:00

This is beautifully said.

Clare R. Markley
Currently-Librarian Asst. & IT Support
HMC, USN(Ret.)

3.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 08:57


Ariel Jensen-Vargas
Masters of Public Administration candidate, specializing in Nonprofit Administration
Marxe School of Public and International Affairs (until recently the Baruch School of Public Affairs)
Queens, NY

4.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 09:19

Thank you, Ariel!


Keith Berner

Director, Information Technology

Freedom House


Phone/mobile: +1 202.747.7003


Skype: berner.freedomhouse


1850 M Street, NW, Fl 11, Washington, DC 20036 USA


5.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 09:12

Thank you, Amy.

Over the past day and a half, I have grieved with friends and family over the loss of what we thought our future would be. Again and again, one theme shone through all the sorrow and disappointment: we'll get through this. Your post is another validation of that. We will, as a country and as a culture, get through this. We might not live in the future we thought we'd have, but we will have a future, and we'll fight in  whatever roles we have to make it the best and brightest future for all of us.


Thank you,

Grace Barry, IT Director

Family Service League

O: 631-470-6789 | C: 631-942-0483


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6.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 09:38

I thanked Ariel just now, because I somehow missed Amy's message that preceded it. Thank you, Amy. I'm proud be part of this community.

Keith Berner
Director, Information Technology
Freedom House
Washington DC

7.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 10:15

Thank you, Amy.  Onward and upward!

Beth Camero
Technology Manger
Quality Care Health Foundation
California Association of Health Facilities
Sacramento, CA

8.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 11:20

So well said Amy, I have shared this with my colleagues as well.

Your Canadian non-profit friends stand with you all as well!

Big Hugs

Kristy Hayter
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Covenant House Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

9.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 14:34

Thank you, all, for the kind words and feedback. It is such an honor to serve this community and I know I speak for everyone on the team when I say that we are all here to support the great work you all do, every day, every year.


Amy Sample Ward
Nonprofit Technology Network
Portland, OR

10.  RE: We Stand With You and Recommit to a Better America

Posted Nov 10, 2016 21:44

Thank you Amy for a calming perspective. Although it may seem like the world has erred,  we cannot give in to fear of an unknown future.  Too many rely on the strength of those who pledged to be leaders, idealistt and sentinels in the communities we serve. As many see others still standing with the strength of a fearless warrior; seemingly against the odds, it brings them solace and hopefully a personal zeal to hold their head up and carry on.

As the saying goes, tough time never last, but tough people always do.

Like many others believe, I know people are resilient, we overcome and we endure. If we give into the fear ignited by others lose. If we ignore fear held by many we lose, and with loss comes hopelessness. That's unacceptable .

I'm with you and our peers in this quest to be agents of change. We have come too far and we have many steps yet to go, but let us keep our resolve, keep pressing forward and let us continue to maintain the American belief that tomorrow will be better and the future still holds the hope & promise handed down by our parents ,  friends and colleagues.

Now more than ever, the voiceless need those they depend upon to remain steady, steadfast and resolute. Within our organization we remain dedicated to excellence, innovators and simply caring citizens in our neighborhoods. we should expect nothing less of ourselves and those around us . 

Lazone Grays
IBSA, Inc.
Topeka, KS