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1.  Moving an operation out of state

Posted Mar 09, 2016 09:52
Our office lease is up in November and we are toying with the idea of moving out of Virginia. I was curious if anybody has used or know of any services or organization that would help a non-profit facilitate the relocation of their home office from one state to another. There is apparently a lot of paperwork, registrations, incorporation documentation, certificates, insurance, health insurance, payroll changes that have to be coordinate . . . any ideas would be much appreciated.



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2.  RE: Moving an operation out of state

Posted Mar 10, 2016 09:01


The Law office of Perlman + Perlman should be a good resource. They practice primarily nonprofit law and would know the ins and outs of registrations, incorporation, etc. in a variety of states (they practice nation-wide.) They're a B corp and have a great reputation. Below is their link.

Good luck on the move!

Lawyers For Nonprofits, Nonprofit Law, Nonprofit Compliance - Perlman & Perlman; New York, Arizona



Colleen Finan
Pro Bono Partnership
White Plains NY

3.  RE: Moving an operation out of state

Posted Mar 10, 2016 11:43

Living in Austin, Texas means I have talked with several nonprofit representatives who are moving their headquarters to the city, or seeking to open partner offices. While you can gain informal advice online, it would be my thought to hire a seasoned nonprofit consulting firm in the city to which you are moving (or one that has a record of solid work there). Many of them do more than just fundraising and they can run the traps for you on how to make a smooth relocation.

Nonprofit Finance Fund has an online guide about moving that might be helpful. Also, from the Houston Chronicle, "Just as you have to register the nonprofit name and address when you start a nonprofit, you also have to notify the secretary of the state where the nonprofit operates of a change of address. Some offices, such as the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas, allow you to file this change online. Other states require you to file a paper form via regular mail." And, "Provide the new nonprofit address to the IRS. You can simply call the IRS to notify the agency of the new address."

Best of luck with the move!

Carolyn Appleton
Carolyn M. Appleton, Inc.
Austin | TX

carolynmappleton@gmail.com | 512.954.4477

4.  RE: Moving an operation out of state

Posted Mar 11, 2016 10:00

Michael, moving from one state to another is a big job, but it may not be as complex as you're dreading! If you intend to to dissolve yourself entirely in VA and re-form elsewhere, that's tough. But if you're just moving your office, it's actually a lot easier. There are some forms to fill out, but it's much easier than the first route. 

Feel free to reach out to me, we can chat for a bit and go over some of the issues you'll need to consider.

Isaac Shalev
Stamford CT

5.  RE: Moving an operation out of state

Posted Jan 09, 2017 15:01

Hi Michael,

When moving your office, you'll need to update multiple insurance policies. To start, you'll want to review your commercial property policy or business owners policy, as this coverage is tied to a particular physical location and there may be certain requirements in your lease regarding policy minimums. Additionally, you'll need to update your workers compensation coverage. If you don't already have this coverage in place, you'll want to check the requirements of the state you move to, as some require workers compensation coverage.

Let me know if I can help out with any additional details or answer any questions.

Maxime Rieman