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A place for nonprofit WordPress developers and content managers of all skill levels.
The WordPress group is an engaged network of WordPress developers and content managers, for all skill levels, by WordPress users for WordPress users, to encourage the usage of and advocate for WordPress.

Our goal: to support nonprofit organizations using (or interested in using) WordPress. Additionally, this is a safe and friendly place for beginning WordPress developers and users to ask questions and connect to like-minded people.

Short link: http://community.nten.org/wordpress

1.  Shiny updates: our first mid-monthly non-profit WordPress news update

Posted Sep 15, 2016 05:19
Edited by Jason King Sep 15, 2016 05:20

WordPress 4.6 - have you updated yet? You really ought to. Now with shiny updates, improved auto-saves, and even more emojis. 

Nathan Porter, who recently joined this community, presented WordPress Tools for Non-Profits at WordCamp Denver last year and now he's on WordPress.tv. Is there a WordCamp planned in your area?

The well-regarded ManageWP plugin has been bought by the domain and hosting company Godaddy. Some people are getting consternated.

More #WPdrama. Headway Themes has apologized to its customers for a lack of communication, decline in support, and problems with their latest release. If you're using one of their themes, read all about it.

There are premium WordPress themes marketed specifically to non-profits, which provide an alternative to customising a generic theme or getting one custom-built. Colorlib recommends 17 great themes for non-profits.

do_action is a charity hackathon community-organised event that builds WordPress websites for non-profits. Upcoming events will be in Belfast and Cape Town. This is a great model for an event, anyone want to emulate it?

Have you set up SSL yet? Google Chrome will soon start adding warnings to pages that ask for personal information but use encrypted HTTP. Here comes the free Let's Encrypt to the rescue. Some hosting companies are making it really easy to set up Let's Encrypt via their control panel, so there's no excuse.

The official WordPress.org support forums recently added an accessibility forum, so if you have questions about WordPress and screen readers, color contrast, legibility etc this would be a good place to ask. Unfortunately many posters misunderstood and thought that accessibility meant difficulty logging in to their website.

Shameless plug follows. On 6th October Jason King, one of this community's hosts, will present a free webinar covering the basics of Google Ad Grants and Google Analytics. It's being beamed from France, so you'd have to wake up early if you're US based. https://t.co/4IETnhqags

On 6th December Yesenia Sotelo is running a week-long webinar course for NTEN on Google Analytics. Hers isn't free but it's at a much more advanced level than mine. There will even be homework.

We surveyed you. Big thank you to the 55 community members who completed our questionnaire. Once the super computer known as Mark has finished churning the results, he will report back. Watch this space. 

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please say hello and find out who else is in our community. If you want to discuss anything WordPress, you know where to go.

Wapuu is the WordPress mascot. Your wapuu of the month is Hipster Wapuu.


Jason King
Freelance WordPress Web Developer
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

2.  RE: Shiny updates: our first mid-monthly non-profit WordPress news update

Posted Sep 16, 2016 12:35

Great info Jason! Thanks!

Dennis Powers
Business Developer
Cheeky Monkey Media

3.  RE: Shiny updates: our first mid-monthly non-profit WordPress news update

Posted Sep 16, 2016 12:46

Like Dennis, I really enjoyed this too! Thanks, Jason :)

It also makes me wonder: Where else do you look for WordPress news? From our survey (first result reveal!), we know a lot of you follow other blogs (46%), listen to podcasts (20%), follow other WP social media groups (40%).

Some of the places I look:

What else is everyone reading and listening to?

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

4.  RE: Shiny updates: our first mid-monthly non-profit WordPress news update

Posted Sep 19, 2016 03:29

Didn't know about that Facebook group, thanks for the tip.

WordPress Tavern is my main source of news and #wpdrama.

Jason King
WordPress Web Developer

Twitter: @jasoncsking

5.  RE: Shiny updates: our first mid-monthly non-profit WordPress news update

Posted Sep 20, 2016 06:12

Not got much to add to the resources here, but I'd point out that while Post Status's paid membership is very much intended for businesses that run on WP and is quite business focussed, their Draft Podcast is less so and, though a little rambling at times, is one of the better WordPress podcasts out there.

As a developer I also pay attention to the make.wordpress.org blogs - in particular the core blog.  This is where the people developing WordPress announce what's going on with development. It gives you a heads up on what's coming down the line and, occasionally, a chance to input to the process.

And don't forget WordCamps (and WordCamp videos on https://wordpress.tv) and local meetups, which are a great source of education and have content that suits everyone from beginners to in-depth developers.

Ross Wintle