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Missing donations on Google Analytics

  • 1.  Missing donations on Google Analytics

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi all,

    We're missing quite a few transactions via eCommerce on Google Analytics. We use NationBuilder as our CMS and CRM and it tracks the gifts that come in, but we either see them as "direct" traffic, or we don't see them at all. One day a few weeks ago, we brought in $800-ish, but only $330 was tracked on GA. We've reached out to NationBuilder to see if they can help, but it's unclear when they'll be able to get to it.

    NB allows users to add tracking codes to donation pages. Those codes add UTMs which wipe out the original attribution. In our case, donations are not being wrongly attributed to direct / not set. Analytics won't track the donation at all sometimes, but does tracks others. It appears to be more likely to happen when the payment has to be set aside to be manually reviewed (a feature of NB). But not always, it's inconsistent.

    Any ideas on what could be happening here?


    Michele Lunsford
    Silver Spring, MD
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